NWBC at Teched 2015: Oh yes: Yes, with alarming speed, Teched season is almost upon us again:

Las Vegas: October 19–23, 2015
Barcelona: November 10–12, 2015


This year,we are offering a lecture and (I hope) 2 Expert Networking sessions.

The lecture: UX108 “SAP NetWeaver Business Client, Release 5.0: Strategy and Outlook

If you look at the abstract, you will see that I kept it fairly high-level. I apologise for this; it was a necessary evil. However, since I wrote that, we have been developing at a cracking pace, so I will be able to offer a lot more detail. Specifically, I want to address customers who are currently mainly on SAP GUI transactions (especially for Windows – ie “Wingui”), who want to ensure access to those transactions wherever necessary, but also provide a new user experience with Fiori where desirable. I will show how you can integrate Fiori standalone apps in NWBC, and also what you will be able to do in future. I’ll wrap up by showing how NWBC fits the overall UX strategy.

NB: This is not slideware – I will provide “previews from the labs” either as demos (if the Teched system can cope) or (more likely) video.

Also, since I have a lot to cover regarding the strategy, I will not be using this session as “NWBC in a Nutshell”. I will however cover the basics in an expert networking session.

I will be presenting in person in Barcelona; my colleague Johannes Wasserfall will present in Las Vegas. I have also just been told that the Las Vegas session will also be recorded, so I hope that we can link to that later – for those of you who can’t make it in person.

Official info is here: UX108 “SAP NetWeaver Business Client, Release 5.0: Strategy and Outlook”

Also, as in previous years, I will blog about NWBC at Teched – including questions asked, supplementary info that I promised to provide etc – here:

NWBC at Teched 2015: Wrapup and Additional Resources

(Live after Teched Barcelona).

Las Vegas only: SAP Mentor session: Simon Kemp, PLAUT IT Australia

Excellent opportunity to talk openly to SAP Mentor Simon Kemp about UX issues (session 1) and NWBC specifically (session 2).

Abstract of the NWBC session:

Getting the most out of NetWeaver Business Client – “Birds of a feather” session – EXP27150

This casual and interactive session is open to everyone interested in SAP Business Client software. We’ll discuss the challenges faced and the opportunities available when using SAP Business Client, and we’ll share insights and tips. You’ll come away from the session with some new ideas and some new connections with people interested in getting the most out of SAP Business Client. All you need to bring is an inquisitive mind and a willingness to share and exchange ideas.

Simon has blogged about both sessions here:UX Expert Networking Sessions at TechEd Las Vegas 2015

Las Vegas only: Customer session: Intel Corp

Excellent news: Intel’s Lavaughn Urbano has kindly agreed to hold an NWBC session, as part of the ASUG series. Here is their abstract:

Intel’s best practices for improving user experience with NWBC & SidePanels

Take control and change user reality. We will deep dive into the NWBC and its Side Panels, sharing ways to improve the user experience within SAP GUI. We will highlight quick wins; delve into the security implications of using Side Panels and explore the technical aspects and challenges of passing parameters to Side Panels across systems and platforms.


Las Vegas dates and times:

For more details on the LV-only sessions, see below:

Date Time Place Speaker Content
Tuesday, 20th October 12:30 PM Show Floor Lounge 2 Dr Johannes Wasserfall, SAP SE, VP, SAP UX Strategy & Technology Roll-Out EXP27587 UI Technologies for SAP S/4HANA
Wed, 21st October 11:30 AM ENS Lounge 4 Simon Kemp, UX Lead, PLAUT IT Aus; SAP Mentor EXP27151 Uncover the Value of a Good User Experience (UX)
Wed, 21st Oct. 2:00 PM Palazzo Ballroom N Dr Johannes Wasserfall UX108  SAP NetWeaver Business Client, Release 5.0: Strategy and Outlook
Wed, 21st October 4:30 PM Zeno 4601 Lavaughn Urbano, Capability Engineering Intel UX124  Intel’s Best Practices for Improving UX with NWBC
Thurs, 22nd Oct 2:00 PM Zeno 4601 Dr Johannes Wasserfall UX108  SAP NetWeaver Business Client, Release 5.0: Strategy and Outlook
Thurs, 22nd October 3:30 PM ENS Lounge 4 Simon Kemp EXP27150 Getting the Most Out of SAP Business Client

Barcelona Dates and Times

Date Time Place Speaker Content
Tues, 10th Nov 18:00-19:00 L7 Julie Plummer, Product Manager, SAP NWBC UX108 SAP NetWeaver Business Client, Release 5.0: Strategy and Outlook
Tues 11-11:30 Lounge 3, Show Floor Julie Plummer EXP27394: SAP NetWeaver Business Client: Ask Anything!
Wed, 11th Nov 11-11:30 Lounge 5, Show Floor Julie Plummer EXP27395 : SAP NetWeaver Business Client: Ask Anything!

Yes, the good news is that we have a session and 2 expert networking sessions. The bad news is that the session is at 6 PM :-(. Nonetheless, I will be there, and hope to see as many of you as possible.

Other sessions (both Las Vegas and Barcelona)

… that caught my eye, in no particular order:

TEC112 Key User Interface Technologies in SAP S/4HANA Dr Johannes Wasserfall

UX109 Update on SAP GUI and How It Fits Into SAP’s UI Strategy – Dr Ralph Resech

UX204 SAP Fiori Apps: Implementation, Discovery, Technology, and Architecture – Michael Falk

UX207 SAP UI Technologies and Clients: Overview, Strategy, and Best Practices Michael Falk and Oliver Lehman

UX118 SAP Screen Personas Version 2 to 3: Migration and New Opportunities – by Steve Rumsby

UX263 Improve the SAP User Experience with SAP Screen Personas – by Steve Rumsby

For more information, see : SAP Teched Global Home Page

New NetWeaver Information at SAP.com

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