Official ADS for Windows 10 & Delphi 10.1 Berlin?

Official ADS for Windows 10 & Delphi 10.1 Berlin?  Feel free to correct any misconceptions I may have..

I note in the SAP Roadmap reference to ADS 12.0 SPs having certification with Windows 10 and comparability with Delphi XE9 and future versions.

D10.1 Berlin – ADS has been compatible with D10 Seattle for some time now and Joachim has published directions for getting the components installed into D10.1 Berlin (Thanks Joachim).

From my own experience it has generally only taken a $DEFINE VER131 update to make some of my components compatible with D10.1 from D10..

Windows 10 – My view – As ADS 11 Server doesn’t run under Win 10 either, I have had to tell my Customers to stay on Win 7 until either ADS11 or 12 becomes Win 10 compatible.  Win10 has been out for a while now.  Win10 will, whether we like it or not, become the de-facto PC OS for small business Servers & Client PCs, and most developers will probably end up developing in a Win10 client environment.

     Can we have something a bit more definitive and meaningful for us as to when an official D101. Berlin version of ADS will be available, and, for our Customers, as to when the Server will be Win10 compatible?


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