On July 1, SAP Learning Hub will turn on mobile access for SAP Learning Hub and enable offline content consumption through SuccessFactors Mobile. Users can download and complete entire courses from their tablets when offline, and also access their learning plans, register for classes, and receive course assignments.

Initially SAP Learning Hub will support the offline option for all handbooks. We are working on making e-learning courses available offline too and will update subscribers about that as soon as we can. . Updates will be posted on SAP Learning Hub when these e-learning titles are available for offline consumption.

Initially only iPads (iOS 6.0 or higher) are supported but later in 2015 Android devices will also be supported. The SuccessFactors Mobile App has been released and is available in the App Store free of charge.

Once you have downloaded the app, simply launch and retrieve the Activation Code as per the image below:

Once you have the code, open up SAP Learning Hub and access Options as per the image below:

Once in the Options menu, click on the Mobile tab and enter the generated activation code.  You can also name your device.

Once you have added your activation code for your iPad within SAP Learning Hub, return to the Success Factors app and Activate.  You will now be able to download and read handbooks offline.

To access your handbooks you have assigned to you, go to the Learning section in the app and you will see your handbook here ready to be downloaded.

Download the SuccessFactors Mobile App here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and for more detailed instructions, you can view a User Guide here.  You can also get support within the SAP Learner Support Learning Room on SAP Learning Hub.

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