Hey there…!!! This is Harikrishna Anumandla. Am working as an EAM Consultant. I want to share my recent experience on Operation Level Costing for the community. Purpose of this blog is to leverage operation level costing insights to drive innovative new business models.

This Functionality is primarily used to track the costs at Operation Level. Earlier to this, there used to be a single Accounting Structure for the whole Order which would result in exponential growth of Maintenance Orders. Most of the times, we may create a separate order for maintenance work just due to the fact that work order need to be settled to a single costing object.

Therefore, by activating OLC Business Function(LOG_EAM_OLC) you can assign more than one Technical Objects for every operation. Each Operation can possibly have different Account Assignments, Settlement Rules which could eliminate creating multiple work orders.Further Total costs of the work order can breakdown to granular level.

This Functionality is available from SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 5. Operation Level Costing can be activated per Order Type and Plant. However, this functionality cannot be supported for Refurbishment and Investment orders.

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Plant Maintenance and Customer Service – Maintenance and Service Orders – Functions and Setting for Order Types – Costs at Operation Level

Once you activate OLC to any order type, and create a new order then System Status “ACAS” Activity Account assignment is defaulted. With the Order Operation Account Assignment function, following account assignment information is available at each operation.

  • Costing Sheet
  • Overhead key
  • Profit Center
  • Maintenance Activity Type &
  • WBS Elements.
  • Functional Area (This field is used when Funds Management is Active)

For Order Confirmations, system updates the actual costs to the cost objects of the order operations.

Operation Level Costing – Part 1Integration: 

There can be a possibility of integrating PM with PS by tying operation to a WBS Element. .System can consider order operations as the account assignment objects for the posting of Finance, Controlling and Material Management. While posting orders as account assignments in MM, FI & CO, the order number & operation number in the coding block become Active.

Operation Level Costing – Part 1Settlement Rule:

With OLC Activation, Settlement Rule is no more active on Order Header Level. So, you have Settlement Rule for each operation. We have two options for the Settlement Rules.

  1. With Default
  2. Without Default

Operation Level Costing – Part 1Header v/s Operational Costs

System determines the Plan costs and Actual Costs at the header level from the total costs for all operations.

Operation Level Costing – Part 1Extras-Cost Reports-Operation Costs Overview

IW40N Report –

You can use this report to display a cost summary for each operation for one or more maintenance order(s). Beside displaying costs for Operation Level Costed orders, the report can also display costs of Header Costed orders.

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