Organizational Management: Organizational Charts: A very common request raised by organization’s Human Resources department is presenting the organizational structure in a graphical formation. Unfortunately, the standard tools offered by SAP for organizational visualization are very simple and extremely inadequate and therefore there is a place to examine third-party organizational chart software packages. These tools can retrieve data from SAP HCM.

Common tool’s requirements:

  • Present the reporting structure between organizational objects, especially between positions and/or employees
  • Additional information should be presented for each element in the structure, such as: position title, employee name, organizational assignment, cost center, employee’s photo, vacancy indicator, special mark for supervisors, etc.

Main Software packages:

  • OrgChart by Nakisa. This software is the one offered by SAP
  • OrgPublisher by Aquire
  • OrgPlus by Human Concepts
  • OrgManager by Ingentis

SAP Organizational Visualization by Nakisa:

This software package offers the best and most comprehensive solution for organizational visualizations.

Organizational Management: Organizational Charts

Alternative solution:

All these third-party applications in general, and the one offered by Nakisa in specific, present a full solution for organizational visualization, however they all require separate licensing.

There is an alternative solution, which many organizations disregard – using Microsoft Visio Organization Chart. You may find it hard to believe the amazing results that can be achieved by using this tool.

If any of you want to get additional information about this solution, you may contact me and I will guide you.

Liran Azury

Senior SAP ERP HCM Consultant

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