Parent Index in Complex tables: I just tried to explore more on complex table indexing. Generally Complex table indexing is for easy searching and the sorting purpose.

But we can extend this indexing for other purpose and also very simple to implement.

Here I will explain on this functionality, Concept is “Parent Index”

Parent Index:

  1.      It is one of the property existed in the index definition creation. By using this parent index we can control complex table entries to populate on fields.
  2.      If we define any parent index for any particular index that values will populated to field according to that parent index behavior. It will restrict the values.

Here is a simple example, Please go through with it.

Example: Populating values to screen fields using parent index.


Step 1: Create the back end database objects according to the requirement.(MSSQL)


  • Here my database objects are: Database table having Location, Partner Name and Batch No details.
  • The Partner Name is depend on location and the Batch No is depend on Partner Name.

Step 2: Create Complex Table in agentry editor


  • Define Complex Table


  • Define required fields

  • Define Indexes

  • Assigning Parent Index

  • Write Data query

  • Write deleted query

  • Map the complex table to transaction screen fields(Any screen where you want)


  • Publish definitions to Server.

  • Test in ATE

    Test 1: Partner and batch no are in Hide mode because they are depend on location.

If we select location, then Partner will be highlighted.

If we select partner, then batch no will be highlighted.

Test 2: Try with different entries.

In this way we can define the parent indexes. we will make entries depend on other filed selection.

Hope this is useful.

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