.pem in SAP Loadrunner by HP: Guide on How to convert certificates with .p12 to .pem in SAP Loadrunner by HP



Steps to convert certificate from .p12 format to .pem to be used in Loadrunner web scripts

  1. To Import certificate into Microsoft IE Tools >Internet Options > Content > Certificates.

Under Personal tab click import and find the .p12 file.

Enter Password and click Next and make sure you click on “Mark this key as exportable…” then hit next again. Place the cert under Personal

2.To Export the certificate, select to export the private key. Select include all certificates. Enter the password and export it as a pfx file.

3.In DOS prompt, go to LR bin directory and run the command below :

Press when prompted for Import Password and Enter a PEM pass phrase, for e.g 1234, you should now have a .pem file

If you want to put the certificate somewhere else, you can provide a full file path to the certificate. e.g. “C:\Users\certCRM.pem”

You can now use this certCRM.prm in your Loadrunner script.


Alternatively one can also use the SSL Utility that comes with LR 12.5 (shown below)

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