Even considering the fact that discussion on phrase handling in EHS is currently on low level I started this new document. As always the links listed should be grouped somehow. May be document might help those who need support in set up of phrases etc.

List of links with grouping

Topic Link
General topics what is Master data in EH&S?
Overview document Phrase creation with example
Import/export phrases

EH&S: import of phrases with CG3Z

Phrase set import

how to upload phrase set in sap

Error in Phrase import … Number range

Error in Exporting the Pharases – OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED

can we import phrase and phrase set without importing transports from sap content first

phrase import Issue

Phrase merge phrase merge Issue
Translate phrases Translate Phrase text
Restrictions of use of phrse sets in CG02 Restriction in the number of phrases displayed in F4 help
Use of phrases in DG area

Activating fields in DGP3 for phrases

Dangerous goods master – not assigned to phrase set features phrase check

Prefix and Suffix in DG Master

Phrases in Dangerous Goods Managment

DG Phrase Export from ECC to TM

Example of phrase management

could you help in elaborating Phrase management with examples

Management Of External Phrase Libraries For SAP EHS

adding another dialect for phrases

SAP EHS Phrase Error

Hyperlink in wwi template

values assigned relation to characteristics

arabian phrase issue in phrase management

How to add a Hyperlink within a EH&S Phrase Text via CG12

Phrase Deletion

Phrase management

Change phrase

How to add a Hyperlink within a EH&S Phrase Text via CG12

how to generate a report for all missing phrase translations out of sap

changing a phrase’s phrase group

Phrase Enabled Characteristics

Phrase set generation phrase set creation
Phrase group/Phrase set

phrase group vs phrase set


Phrase set handling

EHS – Phrase set to Characteristic Assignment

Editing/Deleting phrase set-to-attribute assignments?

How to find phrase set for phrase

No Phrases assigned to Phrase Set – CBIH82

WAA02 error – No phrases assigned to phrase set

CGAB changes in phrase set assignment are not reflecting in charateristics

Phrase set is not getting assigned to newly created characteristics.

Std Tables / structure fields are missing in phrase set assignment

Unable to select Phrase from available phrases of the phrase set assigned

How to add additional Phrase sets to new characteristic assignments

Error message regarding characteristic value

deactivate phrases

Phrase Deletion

Set up errors

Characteristic not assigned to phrase set features phrase check function

Can’t able get Standard Phrase sets in Quality System

how to carry out the following two steps for edit-phrase-set to charracter

How to link the phrase sets to table strucutre in Injury/Illness log

Problem with Property Tree Value Assignments – Recipe Management


Use of phrases in WWI layout

Set a Marker in Phrase CG12 which are Hard Coded in WWI Layout

Phrase based characteristics not expanded in report

Phrase on SDS shows funny characters

Unable to generate the GHS labels in the Chinese langauges

Celsius Degree Symbol (° C) displayed as ‘#’ in SDS for Thai language

Phrase creation Phrase Creation using BAPI_BUS1091_CREATE
Waste Code handling error ” Data missing for the entry check while creating a new waste code
Phrase/User Defined text Characteristic-Dependent User-Defined Texts
Phrase / WWI report Phase text changed – regenerate MSDS?
Special topic Phrase Texts Recovering

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