Summary: – PI-Send data to dynamic web service receiver, In this scenario we’ll send data to the dynamic SOAP receiver i.e. data send to the SOAP URL which we received from the sender payload. With this we can send data to different receiver system with same receiver communication channel. As this become an Asynchronous communication (instead of Synchronous communication for SOAP receiver) it avoids timeout error.

Create Function Library and pass URL and Username from sender Payload.

Create DynamicConfigurationKey to hold dynamically created URL and username for URL store it in TServerLocation and for username in TAuthKey.

In Message Mapping pass of sender data URL and Username to Function Library.

Give any name in Target URL field as it is obligatory field for receiver communication channel.

Set Variable Header as TServerLocation and username in Key field Related Passwords in Authentication Keys

Note: – Here we’ve multiple Key and Password fields u can give all Username Password for different system which can receive this data.


  • Different receiver system can use same channel.
  • Less Time to develop scenario.
  • Avoid Timeout in synchronous scenario by making it Asynchronous.


  • As shown in fig. below as Target URL is obligatory we must enter ‘https://’ otherwise it throws error in Payload as shown in fig. below and not allow send data although dynamic URL is correct.In Authentication keys fields Key (username) and Password which can access this system must defined as shown below.

  • Username and URL fields in sender payload are obligatory to receive data.

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