This document explains how to display the part appraisal documents in MSS POWL application instead of ESS POWL application for part appraiser.

Identification/Issues in standard:

In Standard, POWL will show all appraisal documents for part appraiser in employee appraisal documents powl application instead of approver powl applications


All appraisal documents for approval it should show in approval i.e MSS POWL application for part appraiser.

Solution Steps:

Create enhancement to standard function module HRHAP_RFC_DOCUMENT_GET_LIST.

Write below logic in function module before call function  HRHAP_DOCUMENT_GET_LIST_XXL

 DATA: wa_hrhap      TYPE hrhap,        ls_documents type hap_s_documents.    IF lt_appraisees is not initial.      refresh: lt_others, lt_part_appraisers.    ELSEIF lt_appraisers is not initial.       lt_part_appraisers = lt_appraisers.       lt_others = lt_appraisers. ENDIF. 


Part appraiser should be able to view all appraisal templates in MSS POWL application for approval instead in ESS POWL application

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