Printing to the Cloud: Secure Printing: Secure Printing is the ability to send your print jobs to a queue then pick it up wherever a Secure Printer is available.

With Secure Printing, you never have to worry about other employees seeing your confidential print jobs. Have you ever been frustrated because your print job is stuck behind a long print job? With Secure Printing, you will be able to print to any Secure Printer. Have you ever sent a print job to the printer then forgot about it? With Secure Printing, after a certain amount of time, uncollected print jobs are automatically deleted.

IT Services is actively rolling out Secure Printing globally. Currently the completed US LABS sites are as follows:

  • South San Francisco
  • Sunnyvale Palo Alto
  • Dublin
  • Cambridge
  • LaCrosse

IT Services is currently working on enhancing User Experience (UX) with Secure Printing by adopting the following features:

  • Secure Pull Printing included in New Hire Orientation
  • Scan To Email w/badge enabled at all sites testing set to begin 10/26

How to get started
Easy to follow instructions are on the Secure Print Jam Page but here is a Summary

  1. Pick-up a SIPORT (Secure Print Card) if necessary. Note: A notification from SAP IT Americas Communications was emailed when Secure Printing was available for your campus. Ask your Local IT if you are unsure or never received a notification.
  2. Install the Secure Print Driver from https://sapprinting:1080/ a. Select  (region > country > location > SECUREPRINT) More… b. Select P (location)_BWS or P(location)_COS driver Example:  For a Dublin, CA printer select PDUN_BWS Tip:  Install the Color Printer Driver (_COS) if you plan to print to both B/W and color prints.
  3. Send a job to the Printer. (You will receive the PUK code in the email)
  4. Go to your desired printer and register with the PUK code. (You only have to register once)

Here are helpful Links

Set-up Instructions

Secure Printing FAQs

New NetWeaver Information at

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