IDOC Adapter

What is IDOC Adapter

            When SAP system wants to communicate with PI system in an IDOC format, it should use IDOC adapter.

  • The IDoc adapter enables you to process IDocs (Intermediate Documents) using the Integration Engine.
  • IDOC adapter converts the incoming IDoc from SAP to XML and also XML messages to outgoing IDoc in case if SAP is the receiver.
  • There is no sender agreement required  in order to setup the sender adapter because IDOC adapter resides on the ABAP stack of the integration server.
  • IDOC adapters can be used only for asynchronous(tRFC) communication.
  • IDOC messages can be monitored using IDX5 in PI system and WE02 in the SAP system.

When do we use an IDOC Adapter

            You require the IDoc adapter to connect SAP systems (or external systems) to the Integration Server using IDoc communication.

  • You need the IDoc adapter if you want to use the Integration Server to process IDocs.
  • You need the IDoc adapter when you want to convert the IDocs to IDoc XML format so that they can be processed by the Integration Server pipeline.

There are 2 steps involved in IDOC adapter communication

  1. 1. IDOC adapter at the Integration Server inbound channel
  2. 2. IDOC adapter at the Integration Server outbound channel

As we see in the above diagram in the first step

  • The adapter at the inbound channel is located before the Integration Server
  • IDOCS will be converted to IDOC xml and will be sent to pipeline to undergo pipeline steps
  • And in the second step, IDOC xml will in turn converted to IDOCS and they will be sent to SAP system.

Configuring IDOC Adapter

Pre-Configuration on SAP and PI servers for IDOC communication

SAP side

  • Here we need to setup the communication channel to send IDOCs from SAP system to PI server.
  • So, first we need to create an RFC destination in SAP server of R/3 connection using SM59.

  • Now, we need to create tRFC port on SAP system for partner system using WE21.


PI Side

  • We need to create an RFC destination for the SAP system using SM59


Create an IDOC port in PI system to receive the IDOC from SAP system using IDX2. In this port we need to mention the above RFC destination.

  • So, PI uses the above configuration to read the IDOC metadata from SAP system.

NOTE: No sender agreement needed since IDOC adapter resides in integration engine itself.

IDOC receiver Adapter

  • Configuring IDOC receiver is quite easy compared to above configuration.
  • See the below screenshot for the adapter configuration

  • Here we just give RFC destination and port which we have created in PI system.

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