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Relationship between BPs and some Important Business Objects Linking Business Partner Tables logically

  • BUT000 – contains the key as Business Partner Number – thus other details of business partner such as Category, Type, Name, Language, Country, Contact Person etc can be obtained from it by using the corresponding BP Number.
  • BUT0BK- Using the BP Number and Bank Detail ID, details such as Bank Account Number, Account Holder’s Name, and Name of Bank Account etc can be obtained.
  • BUT020 – ADRC – ADR2 – ADR6 is the link of tables used to get the Address Details of the BP corresponding to Business Partner Number (obtained from BUT000) and the address number from BUT020 table.
  • Roles of Business Partner can be obtained from the table BUT100.
  • Contact Person and related details for a BP number (BUT000) can be obtained using the table BUT051.
  • Business Partner’s Roles and Relationship Details for BP number (BUT000) can be obtained from BUT050.

Linking Service Contract Tables Logically

  • CRMD_ORDER_INDEX: Contains GUID’s of all the transactions in CRM. Also provides a link to connect Business Partner with the CRM Transaction.
  • CRMD_CUSTOMER_H: Contains Additional Contract Details (enhanced fields), linked to Header GUID.
  • CRMD_CUSTOMER_I: Contains Additional Site Details (enhanced fields), links Header and Item GUID’s for all the transactions.
  • CRMD_ORDERADM_H: Contains Header Details. GUID field can be used to link with CRMD_ORDER_INDEX.
  • CRMD_ORDERADM_I: Contains Item Details. HEADER field can be used to link with CRMD_ORDERADM_H (header guid).

Categorization of CRM Business Transaction based on Subobject Category

We have used Subobjects to categorize the Business Transactions in CRM for a leading ISU-SAP CRM implementation.

Business Transaction Name SUBOBJECT CATEGORY
Activity BUS2000126
Service Contract BUS2000112
Lead BUS2000108
Opportunity BUS2000111
Task    BUS2000125
Utility contract item BUS2000147


  1. For Example if you want to retrieve all the activities in CRM, pass the OBJECT_TYPE  

as ‘BUS2000126‘ in CRMD_ORDER_INDEX table.

  1. 2. The Subobject Category can be customized for a business transaction from the

      transaction SPRO.

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