Remove Unpriced Items from Price List in Database: A very interesting feature to base with lots of items. In older versions SAP Business One did not control very well the price list regarding items contained without price. In newer versions, you can use the following feature.

Workaround for versions 9.0 and higher:


  1. Go to Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Pricing tab
  2. Select option ‘Remove Unpriced Items from Price List in Database’
  3. Click on Update button.
  4. Answer Yes to question: ‘Unpriced item records will be removed from the price lists in the database. You may need to manually reacquire these records. Do you want to continue?’
  5. (If you wish, cancel the selection again in order to see items without prices in the price lists.)
    Then it is possible to update the price lists.

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