RENAMING FILE AND MOVING FILE BETWEEN FOLDERS IN AL11 TRANSACTION: During production support issue there are 3rd party team who upload files in AL11 and command step in process chain access that file. Sometimes failures occur at command step in any PC while accessing file from AL11 due to incorrect file name and missing of file.


There two ways to resolve this issue:

A. Renaming file – File would be uploaded with correct naming convention by the team which uploads the file.

B. Moving file between folders – Command step fails while accessing correct file. At that time file moves from in folder to ready folder. To resolve this we should place file again in in folder.

If file doesn’t exist in AL11 in specified path then ask the uploading team to upload the file.


I am explaining the issue by considering failure in one Process chain. In this PC command step has failed due to incorrect file name i.e. PC ran on 7th Apr, 2014 but file uploaded on 6th Apr, 2014.

File name in AL11: ABCD.20140406.gz instead of ABCD.20140407.gz. Issue has been resolved by repeating the command step after renaming file.


Renaming File: Open process chain and right click on failed command step and then select ‘Display Messages.


You can find error message under ‘Message’ Tab. Here command step tried to access file ABCD.20140407.gz from AL11 but file name in AL11 is ABCD.20140406.gz

To rename file open Transaction SM69 and create a command or use an existing command.

In the definition part please fill as below.

Lets say we are moving from /var/opt/sapbi/XY/YZ/in/ABCD.20140406.gz to /var/opt/sapbi/XY/YZ/in/ABCD.20140407.gz. So make sure you put a space between two path.


After this save the settings and execute the command either in Dialog mode or by job which you can monitor in SM37.

Hope this will be helpful for the community. Comments and complements are most welcome.

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