>If you search how to replicate custom BP fields from CRM to ERP(ISU) you will see that has possibly complex steps to do. But the truth is different. I can say BP custom fields replication have easy steps but SD replication may have complex steps.

1. First thing is adding custom Z-fields to CRM with AET.

All CRM consultants know easily zfield creation with AET.

2. We will see custom fields in But000 table in CRM. All fields are staying in CI_EEW_BUT000 include.

3.  We should add these fields with Easy Enhancement Workbench, EEWB  transaction to ERP (ISU) system.

There isn’t any AET tool in ERP (ISU).We are using a simple wizard that is completing everything for us.

3.1 First Creating Project

As you see here package is assigned! It is not $tmp and if you write $tmp here you will possibly face finding all local objects and assign directory.


3.2 Create Extension in that project

EEW Bus.Object is BUPA  & EEW Extension TYPE: ADD_NEW_Fields

3.3 Start Wizard to define customer fields.

You should define all custom fields with ordered in CRM system. This is important! Because system is matching fields lenght by lenght between CRM-ERP (ISU).  You are not able to give field name, search help definitions in wizard. Field names are generated by system automatically. Descriptions are important because system will add these definitions to all related tables,structures and screens. Possibly you will match descriptions betwwen systems.  Also you are able to check bw relations in system relevance step.



3.4 Wait system to complete changes.

3.5 Check bp transaction /but000 table with new fields.

You will see a new tab (customer fields) in BP transaction.

4. Replication Steps

There are interesting manual oss implementation for replication. If you don’t do this you will not see replication of data possibly.

4.1 Add .INCLUDE    CI_EEW_BUT000 to BSS_CENTI structure

Please take care of order! Absolutely you will add only include.

Replication of BP Enhancements from CRM to ERP (ISU)

4.2 Add .INCLUDE    CI_EEW_BUT000_X to BSS_CENTIX structure

Please take care of order! Absolutely you will add only include.

Replication of BP Enhancements from CRM to ERP (ISU)

5. Check Replication

Create or change any BP data in CRM and have a look to ERP(ISU) BP .

???? Hope everything perfect.

Possible Errors You May Have while These steps.

– Extension type BUPA – ADD_NEW_FIELDS cannot be combined with package ZCRM  ( OXT_MISC327 )

> If you take this error search already created projects in your system. Possibly you have test or another projects in the system. You should take care about it. I faced this error and debugged many times. At the end i can say put breakfoint OXT_CHECK_DEVLAYER  function and see comparison. You will see there are mismatches between projects. This is cause of copying clients. If anybody created a test data and if it’s copied to another client you should login that client and delete or change it.

BDT-DC is Not Prepared for This Application Object ( DC1101 )

> If you get this message you shoul maintain V_TBZ1_DC , BUPA item as active.

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