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This document details the broadcasting feature for Report in in SAP Cloud for Customer.

There are requirements for customers where they would like to send certain reports on regular intervals (Daily/Weekly/Monthy/Quarterly/Yearly) to certain people in the Organization. Through business Analytics in C4C, we can create Report/DataSources/KPIs etc. We can in addition to all this, also send one or multiple reports at regular intervals, by scheduling these reports based on the required interval. This feature is called Broadcasting in C4C.

Here are the steps to create a Broadcast in C4C for a Report:

1. Go to Business Analytics workcenter & click on the view Broadcasts:

2. You will see the below screen from which a New Broadcast or a copy of the existing broadcast can be created, you can also delete a Broadcast or Edit an existing one from here:

3. Lets create a new Broadcast from here, click on the NEW button & you should see the below screen:

> Give a name to the Broadcast.

> Under Object Name, populate the name of the Report you want to Broadcast.

> Put in the subject of the Email through which the Report will be Broadcast & the Message in the Email as well.

> Adding recipients manually (Keep “Use Broadcast Bursting” option unchecked under Recipients, Broadcast bursting if selected can be sued to send the report to multiple email Id’s without having the need to add several email ids manually):

> Click Add Row button to add recipient Email address to whom the report needs to be broadcast.

> Under FORMAT AND CONTENT, specify the format of the Report file:

> Under View, you can select which specific View of the Report needs to be sent as Broadcast, also, the specific selection created on Report can be populated here to send only a specific Selection of the Report layout. If you want to Zip the file & send, put a check against the the check-box ZIP.

4. Scheduling the Broadcast: In order to send a report as broadcast at certain interval/frequency, like weekly/quarterly or any other interval per the business needs, click on the option “Periodically” under SCHEDULING (“No Schedule option” can be used for sending report on ad-hoc/immediate basis without any specific frequency):

> Set the Frequency of Broadcast under Frequency, select the Start & End Date & the Day of Week on which this has to be scheduled to sent:

5. Check the consistency by clicking on the the button Check:

6. Save & Close the Broadcast now:

The report is now ready to be broadcast based on all the parameters set in the steps to specified recipients & specific intervals of time.

This feature is an excellent feature since it removes the redundancy, by automating the process of sending reports per the desired frequency & to specified recipients.



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