Introduction– Solution Manager widely called as ‘Solman’ importance has been there always and these days more & more Client are implementing the same.

Solman offers variety of different stuffs ranging from CHARM (Change Management Process), Incident Management (Ticket), Early Watch Alerts, Service Reporting, ITSM, etc.

BW Reporting is one of key area for getting the data in a structured manner -there are many standard report in Solman BW

offered as part of standard BI content & we could even create our own BW Reports as per the Business requirement.

The reports could serve as a useful means to get the required information on the number of change request in progress without actually going into the system. In this document I would be focusing more on Service Reporting in Solman BW. Solution Manager also has BW as its backend & it is very much like a normal BW system with all features. Though we can have a separate box for BW but it is suggested to have BW & Solman both in the same box to avoid too many issues during BI Setup.

Pre checks– Before we begin developing the BW Reports or start using Solman BW , below are pre -requisite checks to be done-

1. Ensure that Basic configuration has been set up via SOLMAN_SETUP. Basis Team can assist on this.

2. BI content has been activated successfully.

3. Jobs related to BW Solman is configured via Extractor Framework as this will update data to BW DSO. Below are the job details-

a- E2E BI HOUSEKEEPINGThis is housekeeping job to keep check on BW data.




c-EFWK RESOURCE MANAGER– This is one of main job responsible for updating BW data to Solman BW objects & usually runs every minute.


BW Data Model -Once all the set up is done – data would start flowing to 0SPRLDATA DSO( Incident Managment Reports -Messages), this is one of very important DSO that hold data for all kind of message but it will always have the latest status for the message & it does not hold history/change log.

Note that there are no Transformation/Data source here and entire data gets updated via batch job only.

So in order to design custom BW reports , we could use this DSO as a source of data and then build our own data model over it. The Key field of this DSO is GUID of CRM message number which is unique for each message ie each ticket/change request will be linked by unique GUID and this can be seen in standard tables like CRM_JCDS , CRM_ORDERADM_H.

BW Reporting on Solman -BW reports can be used to even track performance of various team/individuals in a organization. BW reports are also used by senior management in a organization to monitor overall performance.

Now the reports requirement can be like –

1) Current Open Incidents/messages-BW reports to show all Incidents which are not Resolved- This will give visibility of total open tickets as of now & their current status.

2)Ageing BW Report to show Ageing of open incidents- support team wise ie difference between created on date of message & current date will give idea number of days since message is open.

3)Trend BW report to show Team wise number of open /closed incidents/RFC in a month & further column -carry Forward can be added to show those messages which are not resolved in that month. This will give month by month snapshot on status of messages. As a KPI , there should be less Carry Forward messages.

Attachment shown would describe simple layout for couple of BW reports – you can always customize it as per your own needs.Also there are standard reports available as well.

While designing report for Incidents/Changes- please note that Transaction Type will always be different for incidents/Changes so the reports can be further filtered on them.

Important Tables/Transaction in Solman


Transaction SM_CRM

Further for more interactive reporting :BO reports can be further created on BEx reports which can be used for various graphical analysis. Hope this gives initial idea on what BW reports can be build using Solman Data.


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