You can import Web Intelligence reports into SAP CPS from BObj Enterprise system using the SAP_BObj_ImportReportDefinitions.

After you import them, you can directly submit those WebI reports, by right clicking and selecting submit from the context menu.

You can select the format of the output and the destination of the output as either FTP or SMTP, as shown below:

When you select SMTP destination, you have to provide the SMTP destination details.

One of the features that was not covered in the administration guide is that, you can pass dynamic values the same way you do in BObj Enterprise.

and the parameters are evaluated and set by the BOE system. The output received for the above job:

Note that Subject %SI_NAME% has been resolved to Input Controls And Charts.


  1. One of the main limitations to be noted is that, the attachments cannot be renamed.
    As you can see in the above example, even though the attachment was named as OUTPUT, the attachment in the email is BOE generated name.
  2. WebI reports can be imported, but without the prompt parameters. There is no way to pass the prompt parameters.

These limitation are applicable until version M33.112(the latest available while writing this blog).

SAP has notified that this will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

According to note 2128711 – SAP CPS 8.0 by Redwood: M33.116,

  • Multiple BOBJ Report Parameter Values Should be Separately Considered
    It is now possible to use multiple values in a BOBJ report parameter

So M33.116 may have started supporting prompt parameters, but i have not tested it yet.

Readers are more than welcome to report their findings if they tested, in the comments below.



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