Last week SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1702 was released for customers. With this blog we want to highlight some of the new capabilities for the scope of SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud in the 1702 release. 

Elaborate project revenue planning empowers informed decision making

In S/4HANA Cloud SAP continuously works on improving and enhancing already existing functionality. With the 1702 release, the revenue planning within a project functionality can now be used on a more detailed level like the service, role or even employee specific pricing to calculate the budget of the project.

What does that mean in detail? When you start a new project and plan tasks and staff accordingly so far the received a planned revenue was based on a standard service price list. With the enhancements in 1702 the calculation now performs the revenue planning including the most detailed specific prices setup. This allows for much closer “IS” to “PLAN” revenue in each project and therefore leads to better margin calculation, better profit analysis and a better understanding of planned revenues even before the actual project start.

This enhancement delivers accurate tracking and smart decision making in projects real time, utilizing increased transparency. All this is part of the SAP Fiori “Plan customer project” app.

Advanced invoice handling with notifications

Another innovation in the 1702 release is the notification of missing time recording via email to the project team members to ensure timely activity recording. This contributes to speeding up the invoice handing and processing for the customers, which improves the service to invoice time. The intervals in which the project team members are being notified is controlled by the customer themselves.

S/4HANA Cloud Edition Update: Professional Services Cloud 1702 release

Figure 1 – Missing timesheet report


Resource Management proposes now suitable candidates for a resource request

With the 1702 release, the resource management capabilities allow now the resource manager to get candidate proposals for resource request taking into account skill tags, availabilities and role information. This makes it even easier to identify the right candidates for a project. It works as well the other way around, the system can propose for a candidate with still free capacity requests, which fits for his availability and skill tags.

The screenshot below shows the project proposals for Alice Shater, an employee who, based upon free capacity of 120 hours in the selected period and the “skill tags” ABAP, Fiori, Web Dynpro in the list could fulfill the mentioned resource requests.


S/4HANA Cloud Edition Update: Professional Services Cloud 1702 release

Figure 2 – Project proposals for employee



Faster payments with integration to Concur solutions

Last but definitely not least is the Concur Integration. Delivering end-to-end processes for our customers are especially important in the cloud, this is the next step towards a smoother working within different SAP Cloud solutions.

Cloud-based travel and expense solutions, like Concur, enable users to plan trips and create expense reports. With the process integration between Concur and SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud, we enable users to export cost objects such as cost centers, internal orders, and WBS elements and import expense reports, cash advances ready for posting, and export posting confirmations. This brings quite a few benefits for example you are able to process expenses for faster payments reducing cost and implementation time with pre-defined integration to Concur. Furthermore, expenses that can be billed to the end customer will appear on the invoice in time. With this we create full transparency and visibility across the entire process.

This integration scenario is also available in the other editions like the SAP S/4HANA Finance Cloud and SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management Cloud.

S/4HANA Cloud Edition Update: Professional Services Cloud 1702 release

Figure 3 – Manage expenses in Concur


With these highlights and many other enhancements delivered in S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud 1702 SAP continues to expand valuable functionality which will support our customers in efficiently managing their end-to-end professional services automation processes.

Do you want to learn about the latest innovations and enhancements in the SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud?

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