Sales Process

C4C supports Sales Quote/ Order replication between SAP ERP and SAP CRM systems.

Sales Quote Process is Bi-directional depends upon the Code List mapping Sales Quote will be replicated as Quote only or Follow-up document as order also

Sales order Process is Bi-directional and it supports Create/Modify/Delete

Sales Quote and Order are replicated between C4C and SAP ERP/CRM systems through middleware as PI/HCI.

ERP <–> C4C:

  • Replicate Sales Quote from ERP to C4C by maintaining the Code list(CL) mapping correctly (For E.g., Quote to be replicated successfully as Quote in C4C Item Category/ Processing Type code in standard should be AG and Item Processing type code should be AGN)
  • In Follow-up document creation If Sales Quote document to be replicated as Sales Order in ERP, correct CL mapping and CL Mapping should be mapped in Communication arrangement(CA) (For E.g., Quote to replicated as Order in ERP CL Mapping for Processing type code should be TA and Item Processing type code should be TAN).
  • Replication of Sales Order from ERP to C4C and Vice versa will be done via correct CL mapping (For E.g., Processing Type Code should be TA and Item Processing type code should be TAN)
  • Sales Quote/Order is sent out of ERP using IDocs. Message Type: COD_REPLICATE_SALES_ORDER is used to trigger the IDoc. Once a Sales Quote/Order is created the IDoc will be triggered automatically using Message Control elements maintained.
  • Based on the logical system setup in WE20, the IDocs are sent out of ERP.
  • Sales Quote and order pricing is carried out in Synchronous call from C4C to ERP
  • CRM Opportunity Follow-up document as Order from C4C to ERP .




Error saying fault code:soap:Client
faultstring:Message part{
}ExternalSalesDocumentDataQuery_sync was not recognized” Retrieving customer Group from configuration not possible

Target WSDL which C4C system refers to is different to what have been configured in the Communication Arrangement

Correct Message Mapping/ Iflow mapping needs to be done

Customer Numbers exceeding 10 Characters are not supported in C4C

It needs to be checked if the exernal ID is being mapped as the receiver ID. This is wrong and receiver ID should be determined via ID mapping.


After upgrade some feature is not working or some data is not replicated

Check the PI/HCI version and see if the most recent mapping is available in customer system.


Not able to Upload code list to C4C, Warning in showing some issue with buffering.

clear the buffer for the backend table CODD_CODE_METADATA, basically clearing one field value from there

Fatal exception with text as either Business / Logical system not identified

Check for the sender and receiver system in the payload and see if this corresponds to the entry maintained in communication arrangement.

Also if the sender system is wrong as customer to check the logical system entry created in on premise is correct and uses the same name as is given in C4C communication arrangement.

HTTP Code: 500 ( SRT: Unexpected failure in SOAP processing occurred: (“No Web service configuration for this access path: “/sap Sender interface operation:

Issue in PI Configuration for issues any. Ask customer to check if the receiver / interface determination are configured correctly.

Check if the configuration is existing. If customer is using custome PI mapping then check if it is it as per the standard we have delivered.

While Requesting Pricing, customer gets the errors – Pricing could not be processed.

Check if customer is mixing up  External Pricing and Internal Pricing. This is not allowed.


Error when executing report RCOD_CREATE_CONNECTIVITY_SIMPL to enable C4C-ERP integration
“Definition for inboun srv. ECC_SALESORDER009QR does not exist”

Necessary to install the mentioned EhPs. Enabling the functionality through the corresponding SP’s is not sufficient

ERP 6.0, EHP 0, Support Package15(SAP_APPL), SAP BASIS K267.0, Support Package 18 (SAP_BASIS)
Sales order in accounts will need ERP 6.0 EHP2
Sales order in opportunity will need ERP 6.0 EHP3
Quotes and sales order as PDF in an opportunity will need ERP 6.0 EHP 4


Party Role ZU ‘End Customer’ is not getting transferred to C4C (ZU can be any custom code)

Check code list mapping for the role code. It needs to be maintained.


Getting error in Order “Process Quantity unit not Valid”

Check code list mapping for the unit of measure. It needs to be maintained for the UoM in payload.


Opportunity pricing request does not contain full sales area data (sales office/group are missing)

Sales office & group are currently not supported for integration.


FSCM credit check status is not replicated / issues related to this

Note 2180566 & 2196639


Sales Person can give additional discount at items or overall discount at total pricing.
To do so they can click on Add button at block Product Pricing or Total Pricing respectively.
After clicking they see all the price components available (207 in our case) within the system instead of just the discount ones which are 8-10.

The conditions which are available for entry are returned by the pricing service. So you can restrict the available condition by implementing the BADI for the service in ERP.
The BADI is called BADI COD_SLS_SE_ADJUST_DATA. It can be found in the
IMG under :
Integration with Other Components->Integration with SAP Cloud for Customer
àApplication-Specific SettingsàSales Processing->BADIsàQuotation Pricing Request Service: Inbound and Outbound Mapping.
In the method ADJUST_EXPORT_DATA the customer can change
cs_sales_order_data-create_cond_type_hd for the header conditions and cs_sales_order_data-create_cond_type_it and remove the conditions types he doesn’t want. This should be done per pricing procedure.


Sales quote with External price is not working

Check one of the following

i) Is the CA maintained and configured correctly.

ii) Is there multiple CA for the pricing outbound.

iii) iflow / PI mapping version is recent

iv) Check ID mapping is correct and no duplicate entries are there in ID mapping


Any issue related to item category code not valid or wrong item category code after replication

Check the detailed session on code list mapping for item category code in quick start guide and see if this is followed.


Delta replication of quote / order dumps in ERP

Check the output type (COD4 is thestandard delivered one). The Change output program and form routine is filled with RCOD_OUTPUT_COD4 and ALE_PROCESSING. Please remove these entries as these entries should be blank unless you have any custom requirement.
The program RCOD_OUTPUT_COD4 and ALE_PROCESSING should be filled in the processing routines section for output type COD4.

Operations with cond. of type F not allowed. F can be other codes as well.

Refer the note 593246 for supported condition types.

Sales document text not getting replicated

Check for the text type code list mapping. When code list mapping is not maintained the text is ignored from the payload and NO error is raised.

In addition if it is a language independent text the fine tuning activity with the name “Communication Language for Data Replication” should be maintained.


Delta replication of sales order is not happening from ERP or orders corresponding to a specific document type are not replicating from ERP to C4C.

Check the blog for maintaining and configuring condition types for sales documents (url link to be added).


Inbound IDocs dump in ERP for sales order replication

Check if the PI / HCI mapping version is the recent one. Also check if customer has done any custom mapping. This can occur mostly due to data issues.

Error with 0-value on external pricing from ERP

To achieve this scenario the customer has to adjust his HCI/PI content in the following way:
a) IT_ORDER_CONDITIONS_X-COND_COUNT should be ’01’ in case of the required condition type and value 0.00.
b) IT_ORDER_CONDITIONS_X-UPDATEFLAG should be ‘U’ in case of the required condition type and value 0.00
c) IT_ORDER_CONDITIONS-COND_COUNT should be ’01’ in case of the required condition type and value 0.00.


Attachment replication is not happening

Check if the confirmation messages are getting processed in ERP and also the counter replication from ERP to C4C are happening. Check qsg for the complete cycle of replication.

BINREL creation is mandatory for attachment replication (details available in qsg)

External Pricing Call doesn’t return Credit Check error messages

Please click this blog link.


If your issue is still not resolved, then please raise an incident for SAP Support. Also, please send the following information in the incident:

• Problem description

• Steps to reproduce

• Cloud for Customer Message ID

• IDoc number from ERP/CRM.


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