Let us think of a scenario where we have our session in SM35. And now we need to make changes to a field in the session. We can do this by using Batch input: Import and export of session’s option.

  1. Go to SM35. Select your session and press (Shift + F12).
  2. A new screen with the title “Batch Input: Export and Import of Sessions” will be opened.
  3. Select the “Export” and “Folder” radio buttons.

4. In the “Location of the file to be imported or written” section, choose the third radio button “File from presentation server”.

    This allows you to download session to your local hard drive. Give a suitable path.

    The format should remain “ASC”. Execute. Below list in step 5 will pop up.

   5. Position your cursor on the line and press F2.

  6. A notepad file will be downloaded which has the required batch session. Check the notepad file in the path you specified.

So this way we will be able to download the required session from any system.

Now in the notepad file check the field u want to change and replace the values for that field. And by importing the notepad file again we will be able to create Batch input session with changes reflected for the field. For example: Suppose if the posting date is 30th August and in case if posting date is closed for that period and We now decide to change the posting date to September 30th. We can change in the session(By importing session and making changes in notepad) instead of creating the sessions again.

Now to import the session which we downloaded, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to SM35, dont select any session. Press Shift+F11.
  2. We can see the earlier screen. This brings up the same screen as earlier.  Select the import option.

3. Select the “File from presentation server” option and browse for your changed session file, upload it, give a suitable name for BDC session to be created and hit Execute.

4. Select the line and hit (F2).

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