Below analysis has been done to implement SAP  Data Service in SAP landscape where main purpose of data servcie  is ETL . Data Service solely use for extraction data from non – sap ,flat file  source to transform and load into SAP BW on HANA. It contain the information to setup Data Service infrastructure ,sizing and Licensing .

This information prepared with reference to Data Service 4.2 .

Why SAP Data Services ?

SAP Data Services delivers a single enterprise-class solution for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and text data processing that allows you to integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to critical business processes.


Data Services deployment prerequisites

In the typical SAP Data Services landscape, you must first install one of the following products. These products provide platform services such as security, scalability, and high availability for Data Services.

SAP BusinessObjects Information Platform Services (IPS) if you only want to use

   features of  Data Services or Information Steward

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform (BI platform) if you also want to use Business Intelligence clients such as Web Intelligence documents or Crystal Report



Data Services deployment options


Below is the Best practice

SAP Data Services 4.2 compatibility with BIP and IPS

For more information please refer

SAP Note :  1740516 – SAP Data Services 4.x and SAP Information Steward 4.x compatibility with

SAP Business Intelligence platform and Information Platform Services for active releases

Data Services supported operating system

Data Services supported DBMS for Database Repository

for  more information please visit

Data Services minimum Hardware requirements

This is the minimum hardware requirement to run data service in single machine and distributed environment .


Single machine

The following are total requirements to install all BI/IPS and Data Services products in one system:

Minimum Hardware Requirements

4 processors (or 2 dual core processors) with minimum 2 GHz recommended

16-18 GB RAM Recommended

Disk Space Requirements (not including Operating System)

20 GB for default installation with English language only installed

23 GB for default installation with all languages


Distributed Landscape

Data Services Designer (supported on Windows only)

1 processor with a minimum of 1 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

4 GB free disk space

Data Services Job Server

2 processors with a minimum of 2 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)

4 GB free disk space

Recommended minimum page able cache directory size: 4 GB (8 GB recommended)

Data Services Management Console

1 processor with at least 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)

150 MB free disk space

Note: Data Services Management Console must be deployed with

SAP BusinessObjects BI Web Application component

Data Services Adaptive Processing Server (APS) Services

1 processor with a minimum of 2GB free RAM

1 GB free disk space (plus additional disk space for referential data, 2.71 to 9.34 GB)

  Data Services APS Services requires SAP BusinessObjects BI or Information platform services to deploy.


Before sizing Data service you need to consider below list of point for successful sizing.

  • Please reference the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) for information regarding minimum requirements.
  • Please reference the Data Services Performance Optimization Guide  in order to understand how you job design impacts the resources you need.
  • Run some test jobs in a sandbox environment, bench-mark under different loads, and then make estimates for individual jobs.
  • Carefully study your ETL needs. Your ETL window and how much data of what type and in which manner has to be integrated, cleansed and moved, as well as availability requirements of your system will impact appropriate sizing.




Data Services License

SAP BODS license available in different format ,few are listed below ,for more information please refer the SAP standard document .


SAP Data Services, enterprise edition

The total number of Cores licensed represents the maximum total cumulative Cores on which all of the Software included in SAP Data Services, enterprise edition may be installed and Used, excluding SAP Power Designer Enterprise Architect and SAP Replication Server which do not count against total Cores. SAP Data Services, enterprise edition includes ten (10) Concurrent Sessions of SAP Power Designer Enterprise Architect, and SAP Replication Server that may be deployed on a separate server with a maximum of two (2) Cores.


Note: Directories are not included and must be licensed separately.


SAP Business Objects Enterprise Information Management Solutions


SAP Business Objects Data Services. The following is included in each license of the SAP Business Objects Data Services:

Five Named Users of SAP Business Objects Data Insight (except for licenses bundled or otherwise provided in combination with or for use with a third party product)

Runtime license for 2 CPU licenses of SAP Business Objects Information Steward. Use of the Business Objects Information Steward is limited to Cleansing Package Builder and the Basic and Advanced Profiling capabilities that are contained in Data Insight

One license of each of Real Time Transactional Processing, Data Source Web Service Access, Multi-user Team Development and Grid Computing

Database Interface licenses to an uncapped number of Types of databases Technology Interface

JMS Technology Interface

Note: For more information on License of Data service with combination of other software please refer SAP Standard document



Above information has been collected from BODS master guide ,various SAP Notes and BODS performance optimization guide

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