Sobre como acessar o SAP Business One utilizando um navegador da web (isso a partir da versão 9.2).

Sobre a instalação e também as limitações:


Segue link de um vídeo  legal no youtube com o procedimento para efetuar uma instalação nova.

Instalação SAP Business One Client 9.2 e Browser Access | Screencasts B1 #3 – YouTube


Essa funcionalidade nova (  na versão 9.2) possui limitações, segue abaixo uma nota  ( 2194215 )da SAP com maiores detalhes.

2194215 – Limitations in SAP Business One Browser Access

Version 14 from 27 de jul de 2016 in Inglês


This SAP Note describes known limitations in SAP Business One Browser Access.


You may refer to the known limitations in the following table:

# Description Category
1 Cockpit function is not supported (Administration -> System Initialization -> General Settings -> Cockpit); relevant menus are disabled:
– Tools -> Cockpit
– Window -> Show/Hide All Widgets
– Window -> Auto Arrange All Widgets

However, Fiori-style Cockpit function for SAP HANA is supported.

2 After you change user default language and re-logon to the company DB, it does not take effect for some languages. To solve this problem, close and re-open the browser. General
3 You may expect delay for some front-end notifications, for example, add-on messages, progress bar messages, and alerts. General
4 Timeout error may occur for time-consuming operations. General
5 Drag operation is not supported. For example, you cannot drag an appointment to another time slot on SBO Calendar. The “Drag & Relate” function is not supported. General
6 Form mode cannot be changed automatically unless you press the Tab key. General
7 Graphs cannot be displayed in a report that is designed using Print Layout Designer. Some system level pie/bar/chart may not show correctly in the report. Reporting
8 You can import only one file at a time. File Import
9 Interactive analysis is not supported. Analytics
10 Dashboard in sidebar is not supported. Analytics
11 One-time configurations should be implemented in the traditional SAP Business One client:
– You cannot add/remove items in Common Functions widget of the Fiori-style Cockpit.
– Server-side folder browse is disabled. For example, on the General Settings: Path tab, the buttons are disabled for the folder selection; you can set the path in the traditional SAP Business One client.
– The Pending Add-Ons tab and the Failed Add-Ons for Lightweight Development tab in the Add-On Manager window are hidden in browser access mode. You can use traditional SAP Business One client to implement the features. If you are using SAP Business One Cloud, first, you must configure the Browser Access server as a presentation server, and then you can logon to the SAP Business One client.
One-time configuration
12 The UI related design time (including Crystal Reports, Print Layout Designer, the Edit Form UI function, the Shortcut Customization function, and so on) is not supported. One-timeconfiguration
13 Some system initialization and configuration should be performed in traditional SAP Business One client. For example:
– Creating a new company from the Solution Packager is not supported in Browser Access mode; use the feature in SAP Business One client
– Data Archive Wizard is not supported in Browser Access mode; use the feature in SAP Business One client.
– SAP Business One Migration Wizard is not supported in Browser Access mode; use the feature in SAP Business One client.
One-time configuration
14 Intercompany Integration Solution for SAP Business One does not yet support browser access. Intercompany

You may refer to the following table for minor limitations that may not have a perceptible impact on your daily operations:

# Description Category
1 Real time input validation is not supported, which is by design to gain better performance. When you enter values in a field, the values can be sent to the server only once you have finished editing the field and moved the cursor out. For example, the search function, fuzzy inquiry function is not supported, you need to press the Enter or Tab key to show the search result. General
2 In browser access mode, the window position and size is not remembered once you close it.
3 In Windows desktop mode, if the current item in focus is textbox1, and if the user clicks any blank space that does not grab the focus, textbox1 will still hold the focus. However, in browser access mode, textbox1 will lose focus. General
4 Some keyboard shortcuts for SAP Business One conflict with the default browser keyboard shortcuts.
For example, in a Web browser, the keyboard shortcut CTRL+TAB is also for switching tabs.
5 Changing font and font size are not supported. General
6 Tooltips in forms and grids are not supported. General
7 If an inner window extends beyond the boundary of the native Web browser window, the extended part may be cut off. For example, if you se a laptop with small resolution or re-size the browser window to a small size, the “Copy From” or “Copy To” dropdown button may not be fully displayed in a document form. To see the full dropdown button, resize the document form. General
8 When you maximize a report form, it will hide the upper tool bar, main menu, and system message log. General
9 If you install the client and the server in one machine, after you change the system time in the machine, it will change server time accordingly.
This may cause failure to open the “Choose Company” window.
10 In the Payment Means window, you can specify cash flow line item in the Primary Form Item field when “Total” is empty. General
11 In Edge browser, you should trust the certificate that is specified when you install System Landscape Directory, Cloud Control Center and Browser Access Server. If you use a self-signed certificate, you cannot visit Browser Access Server in Edge browser. General
12 Reverse Table function is not supported in system query. General
13 The application may take two single-clicks without interval as a double-click. This is because the interval of SAP Business One client is different from that of the Web browser. General
14 In the Implementation Project window (Administration -> System Initialization -> Implementation Center -> Implementation Project), you can edit the completed items. General
15 In the Windows desktop mode, some checkboxes cannot be checked manually, the application marks them as checked after you make some configurations. However, these checkboxes are editable in the browser access mode. General
16 Forecast is not supported. General
17 When you need to log off and logon Browser Access again, you should clean the latest history files manually, and then logon. General
18 When you press F5 to refresh the page, the current window disappears, and the application goes back to the initial window that you logon to the company. General
19 There are some limitations in the grid UI of the browser access mode:
– Empty rows cannot be displayed in grids. This may result in some subtotal fields displaying weirdly in grids.
– Link buttons cannot be displayed in the Edit mode.
– The Fixed Column function is not supported. For example, the row number column (# column) of a gird is not fixed, that is, when you drag the scroll bar to the right, the row number column is scrolled out.
– You cannot select multiple rows and columns in a grid.
– The non-editable rows or columns are not grayed out.
– Resizing the vertical layout grid columns is not supported.
20 Exporting reports to image or text format through PLD is not supported; PDF is the only supported format. Reporting
21 You cannot export crystal reports into Excel. Reporting
22 In dropdown lists, the display as picture function is not supported.
For example, in the Type column of the document grid, subtotal will display as “S”.
Dropdown List
23 In dropdown lists, you cannot customize the field display format as in Windows desktop mode.
For example, you set “key value – description” in the dropdown list to “$ – USD”, and you want to display only the key value (“$”) in the field, but the application does not let you do so; “$ – USD” is displayed.
Dropdown List
24 The menu bar items under the Edit menu from Undo to Select All are not supported.
But common shortcut keys, such as copy (CTRL+C), paste (CTRL+V), cut (CTRL+X), redo (CTRL+SHIFT+Z), and undo (CTRL+Z), are enabled.
25 The view system information and string information functions are not supported; relevant menus are disabled:
– View -> System Information
– View -> String Information
26 The My Menu function is not supported; relevant menus are disabled: Tools -> My Menu Menu
27 The Menu Structure function is not supported; relevant menus are disabled: Administration -> System Initialization ->Menu Structure Menu
28 The Windows color function is not supported; relevant menus are disabled: Windows -> Color Menu
29 The following context menus are disabled:
– When you right-click the main menu, the context menu is not enabled.
– When you right-click the tool bar, the context menu is not enabled.
– When you right-click the dropdown list item, the context menu is not enabled.
– When you right-click the non-editable item, the context menu is not enabled.
– When you right-click on the blank area of a matrix or a grid, the context menu is not enabled.
30 The following menus are disabled:
– The Tools -> Search menu is disabled.
– The File -> Launch Application menu is disabled.
– The View -> Pickers Display menu is disabled.
– The View -> Indicator Display menu is disabled.
– The Window -> Cascade menu is disabled.
31 Resizing of the Main menu is not supported in RTL environment. Menu
32 The relationship map function is not supported due to limited support for complex graphic libraries. GDI
33 The shortcut customization function is not supported; relevant menus are disabled: Tools -> My Shortcuts -> Customize Shortcut
34 In the traditional SAP Business One client, there are several wizards to create an output file after some steps, and usually in the last step, you need to select a local folder to store the output file. In browser access mode, you can download the output files, thus the folder selection step is not necessary and is disabled.
For example, you choose Administration -> Setup -> General -> Report and Layout Manager, and click Export to open the Report and Layout Export wizard. In the last step Package Details, Folder Location is disabled.
File Export
35 In the following SAP add-ons, the generated files are saved to the machine that installs SAP Business One client. You can find the files in the following location:
– The Datev add-on: C:B1CloudStoragesTenantStoragePLATOTENExtensionSAPDatevLW910.140.04SAPExtensionsDatevLW
– The Elster add-on: C:UsersAdministratorAppDataRoamingSAPExtensionsElsterLW
– The Payment Engine add-on: C:UsersAdministratorAppDataRoamingSAPExtensionsPaymentLW
SAP Add-on

You may refer to the following table for the eliminated limitations:

# Description Category Fixed Patch
1 Images in reports can show correctly. Reporting SAP Business One 9.2 PL03
2 Copy Table function is not supported in the right click menu. Grid SAP Business One 9.2 PL04

For limitations and behavior changes related to SDK features, see the “Browser Access Add-on Compatibility Guide” which is attached to this note.

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