As a member of SAP’s marketing leadership team, I was honored to welcome the community group into my organization recently. With hundreds of thousands of members learning and sharing information regularly, the community’s value is undeniable. And that’s because of the value you bring.

Value in a community comes from education and collaboration. My team is dedicated to creating and maintaining these types of environments. We want to provide compelling and consistent experiences for audiences across our very diverse SAP ecosystem. Officially, I lead the Experiential Marketing and Strategic Programs team. OK, I know that’s a mouthful. Let me put it another way: My team’s primary goal is to provide customers with world-class experiences, both online and offline.

How does that relate to the SAP community?

If you’ve been following the news around the SAP community, you’re likely familiar with the role that the community platform plays within SAP’s ONE Digital Experience (1DX) program. 1DX is all about giving online visitors an easy and rewarding experience when connecting with SAP.

People join the SAP community to share ideas, gather information, get answers, make connections, and have fun. The community is a platform for interaction with SAP, our customers, partners, experts, and peers. It provides the network necessary to help developers, consultants, and many others be more successful.

In short, whatever your line of work, the community exists to help you succeed. But even more, it creates an environment where we succeed together.

The new community platform will continue to drive this mutual success. If you’ve been participating in open beta, you’re getting a taste of what the new community promises. Based on your input, best-of-breed solutions deliver a platform that offers even more compelling reasons to visit and participate. We’re adding more features, simplifying and improving existing ones, and partnering with you to give you the community you want.

This partnership is key and that’s my pledge to you — to work with you as a partner. The community team now has a home within my organization, but the community itself is the home that we share with you.

I’d like to thank Maggie Fox — the 1DX leader whose organization included the community team until now — for getting us to this point. With the launch of the new SAP community (and beyond), I’ll remain dedicated to making this the best place to be, a place that you’ll always want to return to.

Together we are creating a world-class community experience. I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us!

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