SAP CRM EhP3 Upgrade

SAP CRM EhP3 Upgrade: I recently performed a upgrade of one of our customer SAP CRM systems form SAP CRM 7.0 EhP0 to SAP CRM 7.0 EhP3. In this document I’ve collected the errors we encountered during the service pack upgrade as well as the relevant notes to solve them.

Post Installation Activities

  • Activating the SICF service

In order to being able to login to the CRM Web UI again I had to activate the necessary SICF service. Note 1295006 – Mandatory SICF services for IC WebClient contains a list of all SICF service that need to be active in order to use the CRM Web UI

In addition to the service mention in the note I also had to activate the service /default_host/sap/webcuif/uif_callback before being able to log into the Web UI again.

  • Adaptation of the component enhancements

After every service pack or EhP upgrade all enhanced Web UI components need to be checked and maybe adapted. The following note describe the necessary steps:

Note 1570869 – Adaption of enhancements after SP or release upgrade

During the upgrade to SAP CRM EhP3 I encountered the following error message in quite a number of the adjusted BSP components: BSP_WD_TOOLS 225 “Multiple usage of view … is not allowed”. The reason is that SAP moved some view into separate view sets. These view sets are then included into the windows. If one simply copies the changes from the SAP Repository.xml to the one in the enhances component, the views that were moved to view sets views are included twice in the window. The following screen shot show an example of such an issue in the component BP_HEAD:

In order to solve this issue, the unneccesarry embedding of a view (in this case the second one in the screen shot) simply needs to be deleted from the Repository.xml.

Component Changes in SAP CRM for Utilties

During the upgrade I also noticed some components that caused dumps although no problems were visible in transaction WCF_CC. The reason was that SAP standard changed the public methods of the view controllers. As the enhancement of a component leads to the copying of the view HTM-file, the HTM-file in the enhanced components in some cases referenced methods of the view controllers that were not available any more.

In order to solve these issues I simply deleted the HTM-file in the enhanced component and copied the HTM-files form the SAP standard component. Note, that before deleting the HTM-file you should make sure that it doesn’t contains any customer specific enhancements. If this is the case, the customer specific enhancements need to be added again after copying the SAP standard HTM-file.

During our upgrade the issue described above occurred in the following components:

  • IUBOTREE: The problem occurred in the file IsuBolTree.htm
  • UICMP_LTX: The problem occurred in the file ABoxExecution.htm
  • IUCONFIG: The problem occurred in the file CONFIGTREE.HTM

API Changes in SAP CRM

Besides the changes in UI components I also encountered some notable changes to some APIs we frequently used in our custom developments.

  • CL_GUID_SERVICES, function modules GUID_CREATE and GUID_CONVERT: The class CL_GUID_SERVICES isn’t available any more and the function modules have been are deprecated. Instead, the class CL_SYSTEM_UUID should be used.
  • CL_CRM_ISU_EXTENSION: The changes I noticed so far are that the methods GET_SINGLE_CONT_VALUE and SET_SINGLE_CONT_VALUE are now protected instead of public. These two methods can easily be replaced by using the methods GET_SINGLE_ATTR_VALUE and SET_SINGLE_ATTR_VALUE instead.
  • CL_CRM_IU_IC_OBJ_MAPPER: the method GET_ENTITY_FROM_BOR_INT has been removed. It’s functionality has been moved to the method IF_CRM_UI_OBJ_MAPPER~GET_ENTITY_FROM_BOR.
  • CL_ECRM_ISU_SI_SEARCH_DETAILS: The returning parameters of some of the methods are changed to exporting parameters.
  • CL_CRM_ISU_ORDER_GET: The method GET_IBIN has been removed from this class. As an alternative the method CL_CRM_ISU_TO_INFO=>GET_TO_IBIN can be used.

Errors after the EhP upgrade

After the EhP3 upgrade I noticed the following errors:

  • The broadcast message area always displayed the generic message “Please wait while fetching messages…” in IE9. Implementing OSS note 1928712 – Broadcast Messaging not working in Internet Explorer 9 solved this issue. It is important to clear the browser cache after implementing the note in order for the correction to take effect.
  • In order to being able to use the data import tool I had to implement the notes 1951299 – Adding points of delivery to a premise using the DIT and   1957672 – ICWC; DIT – Field PD_GRID_ID is not saved in database
    • After the upgrade configuration parameter of the product configuration could not be changed anymore. Implementing the SAP note 2000387 – IUCONFIG: utilities attributes not changeable w/o CRM_ISU_ATTR2 solved this issue.

Using ATC during an EhP upgrade

During the EhP upgrade I noticed, that the ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) can be very useful during an system upgrade. Instead of performing a lot of manual test to find the problems e.g. related to API changes I simply ran an ATC check across all custom development objects. The results of the ATC check already highlighted most of the problems mentioned above.

I hope this information is useful for anyone performing an EhP3 upgrade in SAP CRM.


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