Because of thread : Property Tree Value Assignment may be it is time to discuss the EHS standard data model. Please check as well this very good document: Important compositions in EH&S and how they are used

Check as well: SAP EHS DISCUSSIONS !!!!: SAP EH&S Data Model – Use of Compositions

You will find many other threads asking question: what is a “PURE_SUB”/”LIST_SUB” etc. Please just use search options in SCN to find such threads. You will find helpful information of many kind. At the end of this document some references are collected discussing SAP EHS standard model (topics of many kind).

The standard data model of SAP EHS classic is described here:

History/State of the Art

Based on the input of many chemical companies the SAP EHS standard data model was developped and will be improved in the future if there are e.g. legal needs to do so. E.g. one need in the last years was the REACh and the GHS regulations etc.

The SAP standard delivers the “STANDARD” property tree and the “OBSOLETE” property tree. These are the core once to discuss in this document.

On the top SAP delivers a number of identifiers etc. and other customizing stuff which can be used to start an EHS project. On the top SAP delivers as well “Content” (other companies do the same). This content include e.g.:

  • Phrases

  • Layouts to generate SDS/MSDS

  • Rulesets (e.g. to support data generation for supporting the SDS/MSDS process)

  • and other stuff (like regulatory content)

Therefore: any of these “content” pieces can be used only if the SAP EHS Standard Data model is used. If you deviate from that you will get problem in using these “on top” options.

Property Tree STANDARD

This tree combines the “Best practise” value assignment types/properties which are needed to support many of the subsequent EHS processes (e.g. SDS/MSDS/Label generation, DG topics, etc. etc.). This tree is represents the “full” scope of the SAP EHS standard data model regarding value assignment types/properties. It is very common to prepare special property trees which support the user better to maintain data related to SDS/MSDS etc.

Property Tree Obsolete

This tree combines “old properties” which are now “obsolete”. Mainly either because regulations has changed or because of the fact that the use of the properties is limited etc.

Rating/Validity Areas

As well SAP delivers standard validity areas and ratings.


Same is true in context of identifiers (e.g. NUM, CAS and other stuff)

Other customizing

On the top SAP delivers standard set up for component type, specification types etc. etc.


You should not delete SAP default customizing. If you are looking for to use SAP content you should not change the standard data model.

Options to extend EHS

You can add on top new “objects” with out any risk using customizing options which are used in SAP EHS-BD.

Examples are:

  • substance authorization groups

  • substance nature

  • specification category/type (new categories should only be added if you have understood the EHS data model !)

  • Rating

  • Validity area

  • Component type

  • Property tree

  • New value assignment types/classes
  • etc.

Substance authorization group

The substance authorization group can be used mainly to “group” specifications. The set up is done mainly in such a way that authorization rights can be administered easily. E.g. if your company is organized by “branches” you can simply use terms as: “Food”, “Feed”, “Pharma”, “Waste” etc.  Any specification belong to one branch can be created in the corresponding substance authorization group. The used terminology should follow to a creation extent the organisation of the company acting; you are completely free to here for set up.

Any specification must be set up in one authorization group.

Substance nature

The substance nature can describe on first glance the “chemistry” involved; it is used mainly as a search criteria but can be used different. Terms as: WASTE, SUB_POLY, SUB_NOPOLY etc. are quite common.

Specification header remark/note

You can maintain on specification level if needed one remark/note.  You can not maintain the information with a “language”. This information can be used as well in inquiries in the system.


By SAP default: we have “Names” (NAM), “Numbers” (NUM) and “Formulars” (FRM) which can be used to describe the chemistry. The identifier can

  • be longer than 132 characters
  • can be language dependent (or not)
  • can get a “check function ” assigned (e.g. mostly used for numbers)
  • can have no, one or more of one usages assigned
  • can have no, one or more of one regulatory lists assigned
  • one can maintain more than one identifer (e.g. you can have many “NAM, SYN”)

Identifiers are one of the core data elements in EHS and are used at many locations in the system (e.g. via identification listings) and are used very often in context of  WWI development. They are used quite often for inquiries in the system.


The restriction can be used to “enhance” the access concept in one authorization group. This functionality is used very rarely.


You can use the Status  sure that one “data collection” is checked and released by a responsible person. You can implemenent lot of check. By default a status net is delivered by SAP. The functionality is not used often; but it is used more often than “Restrictions”.


As EHS started only “Reference” was supported. By using “Reference” you can easily inherit data from one specification to another. It is very useful option to support the users in maintenance actions.


With higher EHS versions “Inheritance” was shipped and can be used. The functionality of “Inheritance” is broader than “reference” but the idea is the same. You maintain one data element and reuse this information very often. Using Inheritance you can inherit identifier information as well; this is not possible with “Reference”. You can inherit the data very “flexible” by using “groups of properties” etc.  But you need more experience in using this and you must understand nearly perfect the idea of the “inheritance template” topic.

Material Assignment

With the material assignment you link EHS world to the Material world. Therefore this information is a critical one. With this link all the subsequent processes in EHS are “enabled” (e.g. DG, SVT, GLM, Report distribution etc. You can assign materials in EHS but you can use MM to assign specifications as well. You can use e.g. as well BOMBOS interface to link EHS to logistic processes.

Value Assignment Types/Properties

Component type

In properties of type “Composition” you need the “component type” for data maintenance. Even considering that under some conditions you need not to maintain this information, this information can be a “key” part in your maintenance. E.g. for “Trade Secret” topic you can define one or more component types which canbe used to suport the “Trade Secret” topic.


Exeption value

The “Exception value” is part of the composition. It is used rarely but can indicate additional information on a component.



The “UOM” is part as well of the “composition”. Here we have two pieces. One describing the “principle” part (is e.g. composition of type “weight” or not) and the “core” part. In most cases value as “%”, “%0” are used to describe the concentration of the component in the composition

Specification listing

Here you “only” list a number of components. This option makes sense e.g. if you would like to define: chemistry which should not get in touch with the “whole” product; or you canlist components which are generated if the product is burning etc.



By assigning a “Source” you can make clear, which source you have used to derive the data (e.g. Literature and if so which..)



Assessment is a “mandatory” field; but in real life does not have practical value (in most cases). E.g. you can “assess” that the data is “valid”, “proofed” etc.


User defined text

This option is used quite often in daily maintenance. By defining “text types” you can add additional information which are “such specific” that you can not (or will not) generate a phrase. On top: with higher SAP releases you can use this option to linkto a DMS etc. document; e.g. you could link to a “test document” in which the real test results are shown (e.g. density, flashpoint etc.).



The defintion of the “Usage” is one of the core tasks in EHS classic data management. You can steer with Usage:

  • Access topics
  • and print out in WWI reports
  • and DG management
  • and SVT
  • and….

Usage is a combination of “Rating” and “Validity area”. To a validity area one or more countries can be assigned. This is crucail in most case for WWI reports.

Class/Characteristic based data

Most of the “value assignment types” (may be 70%) are set up in such a way that there is a SAP EHS class assigned with one or more characteristics. These properties and their use belongs to the “core” pieces in EHS. You can have characteristics which are “phrase” based, does have a “regulatory list” assignment, are of type “Numeric” with or without UOM assignment.

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OSS Notes

Attached is a short list of OSS notes with relevance to “STANDARD” property tree/and or topics wiht SAP classes/characteristics. Section will be extended if needed

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