SAP Credential Manager hosted by Pearson is a hosted solution that is provided by SAP Education as a free service to the SAP certified community. Since its launch in October 2013, over 4,000 SAP certified professionals are using SAP Credential Manager and the feedback from users is very positive. Building on that success, SAP Global Certification Team is excited to rollout SAP Credential Manager globally by mid-2014.

SAP Education now offers access to SAP Credential Manager as an additional benefit for those going that extra mile and getting SAP certified. It also offers customers and partners various options for validating credentials and searching for certified resources to drive the success of their projects. A customer survey in 2013 showed that it is important for 70% of customers to verify the certification of job applicants or consultants and 80% of customers would like to be able to search for certified consultants in a public registry.

Certified individuals get privileged access to SAP Credential Manager and on certifying they receive an e-mail to consent to include their information in SAP Credential Manager.  Once logged into SAP Credential Manager, certified individuals can:

  • Manage and track their valid certifications
  • Publish their certified status to specific customers, managers or employers
  • Download the SAP Certified logo
  • Stay informed about certification expiration dates and updates about certification exams
  • Get privileged access to benefits and knowledge sharing

Certified SAP consultants looking for opportunities can also elect to include contact details in the SAP Consultant Registry which is the public component of SAP Credential Manager.  The SAP Consultant Registry is a database of certified SAP consultants that customers, project managers and potential employers can use to find the best SAP certified individual for a project.  Certified SAP consultants who include their information in the registry can eliminate the need to send paper certificates to interested parties.

SAP Credential Manager can be accessed from the SAP Training and Certification web shop:

For more information about SAP Credential Manager, review the overview page:

If you have questions about how to use SAP Credential Manager, refer to the FAQ:
What’s Next?
SAP Credential Manager is currently available to the certified community in the ANZ, NA and UKI regions.  SAP Global Certification will publish launch cycles as other regions are added to the service. As a region comes online, members of the certified community will receive an email to give their consent to include their data in SAP Credential Manager. Once the data is loaded, the member is invited to join the SAP Credential Manager portal. If a member has earned certificates with different S-User IDs, accounts will be merged.


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