SAP Global Trade Management – Trading Contract

Well, first thing you need to learn about GTM is Trading Contract (T/C), a GTM document.

When we decided to develop GTM, we needed a logistics document because trading business is simply you buy something and sell it to someone else. Obviously you need a sales order for customer and a purchase order for a vendor/supplier side.

So neither SAP sales order (S/O) nor SAP purchase order (P/O) are enough to fulfill trading business process as a starting point.

We need a document which has a capability to store sales and purchase data both and create a S/O and a P/O as subsequent documents, yes, that is T/C.

T/C as a nature can creates a S/O and several P/Os at item level and automatically in background with ONE Click.

Don’t you think this is cool?

Not only document creation but also you have an online profit simulation, open order/delivery control and so on. Since T/C has sales and purchase both side data into one document, you don’t have to go to S/O and P/O back and forth to check business data, you can check everything at ONE document.


And this T/C has a nice document flow functionality not like S/Os and P/Os one, visually every single following documents are shows up under T/C as tree hierarchy, no matter what SAP module or transaction, EVERY documents you can see and jump to by a double click, COOL!!

Now you want to learn more about GTM, right?

I will explain Trading Execution Workbentch (TEW) next.


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