I am following SAP Community Blogs (@sapCommBlogs) twitter account and got a tweet on SAP GUI for Java 7.5 yesterday.

I understood that SAP GUI 7.5 is also available to download and install.

Yes, it was released on 4th of May and ready for downloading.

So I downloaded it and installed.

Sapgui75 1 2912864


Here are some notes;

  • SAP Logon appearance has changed as seen below
  • New features are mentioned in below note. You can learn more from the note.

2417687 – New features in SAP GUI for Windows 7.50

147519 – Maintenance strategy / deadlines for SAP GUI

  • This is the wiki page for SAP GUI family you can follow



You can also try SAP GUI 7.50 and share your comments.




New NetWeaver Information at SAP.com

Very Helpfull



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