SAP GUI FAQs in General:

What do I do in case logon problems occur?

Always verify logon problems on a different machine as it sometimes might be a local problem with your workstation. Usually you will be able to see a pop up box if you are experiencing a networking error. In the case you get to the first screen, the logon screen, please check with a colleague to log on as this might be a permission problem related only to your user account.

A networking error often will give you an error message with the code ‘10054 – connection reset by peer’. This is usually due to a broken network connection. Please verify this on an additional workstation. If you refer to your network administrator you can run a first basic diagnosis with the SAP tool ‘NIPING’ according to note 500235.

What to do if SAP Logon refuses to start?

Please run the SAP Logon-Trace. This trace is only available since release 4.6B.

How to start the SAP Logon-Trace?

On DOS-prompt type: “start saplogon/trace=3”. These files will be generated: dev_xxxx.log and dev_xxxx.lgd.

How to stop the trace? Close SAP Logon.

This trace is also very helpful if insert/delete/change of entries in the Logon is not working. Moreover, if we have to figure out, with which parameters the GUI was started, this trace will help.

What should I do if the SAP GUI cannot connect to the SAP system, the response times of the SAP GUI are very bad or the communication between SAP GUI and backend is interrupted?

Please run the SAP GUI-trace.

How to start the SAP GUI-trace?

In SAP Logon press: Alt+Space -> Options -> Activate SAP-GUI trace level ‘Level2’ OK

Which files will be generated?

<= SAPGui 4.6d all dev_*.* files from SAPWORKDIR

>= SAPGui 6.10 all sapgui*.* files from SAPWORKDIR

What is the difference between ‘Classic Design’ and the ‘New visual Design’?

SAP GUI features two different modes, New Visual (or Enjoy) Design and Classic Design (the older types of SAP GUI before 4.6 could be defined as Classic Design). Both designs are 100% compatible with the functionality connecting to SAP systems.

Classic Design: Under the three colored circles in the menu bar (the SAP GUI-Icon) you will find the options to manipulate SAP GUI Colors, Fonts and further user options. These options are to be set up by every user to suit personal preferences. There is no mean to apply these particular changes to your whole environment of every PC in your company.

New Visual Design: In this skin the icon to get to the option looks like a PC monitor and is placed at the right hand side of the menu bar. As SAP defined a certain look and feel you can only make changes in fonts and size only to a certain extent.

What kind of adjusting of the local layout of the GUI can be made?

This FAQ is not the right place for explaining all options which can be changed by the user. So, please review the GUI specific help. Choose the three-colored GUI icon, and select then the ‘SAP GUI Help’ menu. Go then to ‘Adjusting the local layout’. In this section all possible configurations of the local layout are explained.

What SAP GUI can be used to run on non-Windows operating systems?

SAP GUI for Java can be used on various platforms, please refer to note 146505 and the SAP GUI Family page at

Where can SAP GUI for Java be downloaded?

SAP GUI 7.30 for JAVA

SAP GUI 7.30 for JAVA Patches

Where can SAP GUI for Windows be downloaded?

SAP GUI 7.30 for Windows

SAP GUI 7.30 for Windows Patches

When is the next release of SAP GUI for Java to be expected?

Please refer to Note # 1229666

What are the supported SAP GUI Platforms?

Please refer to Note # 66971

What are the new features in SAP GUI for Windows 7.30?

Please refer to Note # 1670678

What are the required Java runtime versions and other prerequisites for running SAP GUI for Java 7.30?

Please refer to Note # 1758540

How to install SAP GUI on Windows Terminal Server (WTS)?

Please refer to Note # 138869

How to limit Number of SAP GUI for Windows Sessions in the Portal?

Please refer to Note # 975004

How to find out, if a new version has been released?

Please refer to note 1014347 how to get notified by email as soon as a new version has been released.

How to resolve an issue when installing SAP GUI for Java?

Please create a support message and add the guiinstall.log file as an attachment. The installer displays the path in a message dialog, where guiinstall.log can be found.

How to resolve an issue when SAP GUI for JAVA is running inside the portal?

Please create a support message and add the guiinstall.log file as an attachment. The installer displays the path in a message dialog, where guiinstall.log can be found.

How to configure SAP Logon in SAP GUI for Java?

Please refer to chapters 7 and 9 of the documentation that comes with the SAP GUI for Java installation and is also available online at

How to use the SAP Logon configuration of SAP GUI for Windows with SAP GUI for Java?

There are conversion scripts including documentation available at

How to fix the error message “Attempt to load shared library failed”?

In case the additional error text indicates, that the library is missing, please try to solve the problem by reinstalling SAP GUI for Java. In other cases, please refer to note 909250, in most cases, the required C++ runtime is not found.

How to troubleshoot a certain transaction results in an ABAP dump?

In case this happens right after login and before displaying the easy access menu, this might be caused by missing codepage files. Please refer to note 550564. In other cases, please submit a bug report according to note 326558.

How to enable tracing in SAP GUI for Java?

Please refer to Note # 683960

How to fix SAP GUI Crash problem?

Please submit a bug report and attach the crash log-file (Linux and Windows hs_err_pid*.log, Mac SAPGUI*.crash)

How to report bugs?

Depending on the issue, it might be helpful to read the documentation or consult the SAP GUI forum on SDN (searching in old threads or posting a new thread with your question). The SAP GUI forum on SCN is available at In case this does not help to solve the problem, please refer to note 326558, what information should be included in the support message.

How do I install SAP GUI on multiple PCs?

SAP also delivers a full-featured distribution tool for maintenance of large numbers of PCs. There is no necessity to use third party tools. See the Frontend Installation Guide and OSS note 361222 for details.

How do I uninstall and delete all SAP GUI files?

To perform silent, unattended uninstallation, enter the following commands:

NWSAPSetup.exe /Product=”” /Silent /Uninstall for uninstalling a certain product, for example SAPGUI710.

NWSAPSetup.exe /all /Silent /Uninstall for uninstalling all SAP components installed by SAPSetup without having to call specific command-lines for specific products

Is there a SAP GUI for Java available for my operating system platform?

Versions for the following platforms are available:

Mac OS see SAPNote # 509733 for further details

OS/2 OS/2 Warp 3/4

Linux RedHat Linux 7.1 / SuSe Linux 7.2

Solaris Ultra Sparc; SunOS 5.6, 5.7 or 5.8

AIX AIX 4.3.2 or 4.3.3

Tru64(*) 4.0D or higher HP-UX HP 9000 / HP-UX 11.0, HP-UX 11i Windows Win 98, NT 4, Win 2000, Windows XP (*) A Tru64 version is available on request only (customer message on component BC-FES-JAV required). For further details consult the documentation that ships with the software or notes 146505 and 509733.

What can I do if Dr. Watson errors occur?

For every Dr.Watson errors please make sure you can reproduce the problem on another PC. SAP Support can only track down problems if you are able to recreate them. Errors usually follow certain patterns. Intermittent problems like a crash once a day might occur by random and if you can’t find a pattern we won’t either. Moreover, please review notes # 559285 and 520688 including the optimization paragraph. Afterwards please send the new FrontException.TRC to SAP.

How to create the right trace files in case of issues with SAP GUI?

1 – SAPSETUP.LOG (created during installation of the GUI)

2 – SAPCHECK.SCK (created using attached note 323413)

3 – Trace files, created using attached note 50226

a – activate the trace

b – recreate the error

c – stop the trace

Please ZIP the files together in one archive and upload them to SAPSERVxusing attached note 40024. Please note that the trace described in note 50226, will result in the following files:

<= SAPGui 4.6d all dev_*.* files

from SAPWORKDIR >= SAPGui 6.10 all sapgui*.* files from SAPWORKDIR Please make sure that you include all the trace files.

How to fix “Missing particular elements  in display”, “wrong scrollbar”, “no resize events”, “wrong length of a list”?

Please run the Frontend-trace (see note 305363). In SAP GUI press the three-colored icon -> options -> trace -> Mode: Monitor – Trace-File: ENABLE [X] The Front.trc file will be generated.

How to fix ABAP shortdumps with CNTL_ERRORS in R/3 system?

Perform a SAPCHECK (see note 323413) and make an Automation trace according to note 158985. Send both files to SAPSERVx (note 40024). For further information please review also the GUI specific help. Choosethe three-colored GUI icon, and select then the ‘SAP GUI Help’ menu.

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