The second phase of the SAP HANA InnoJam Online Contest started on January 16th. All teams had been given access to a HANA environment, where they can developer their ideas and take them to the next level.


Let’s take a quick look at the numbers for this contest:


  • 75 Contributors
  • 86 ideas


Nice numbers, huh?


So, how much time these adventurous guys and girls have to finish their goal? Well…the Phase 3 is scheduled for March 29th, so until that very day they should submit their videos to the Vimeo Group SAP HANA InnoJam Online 2012 and their written description as a post in the group forum as a new thread specifiying the name of the project and participants.


The videos can’t be longer than 10 minutes, and they can be submited only until March 29th, otherwise, they will be rejected.


The phase 4 which is going to happen on April 12th will house 8 finalists, meaning that only 8 videos from phase 3 will be selected. How the videos are going to be selected? A group of judges are going to watch every video and read every description and select the 7 best videos…the videos will be selected based on Originality, Viability, Clarity of Explanation, Use of HANA, Usability and Marketing power. So put your heart and soul on your video!


But wait…wasn’t supposed to be 8 finalists? Well, the 8th finalist video is going to be selected by you. By going to the Vimeo Group page and selecting your favorite video you will have the power to make a team a finalist…isn’t that cool?


Everything you need to know about the contest is of course on the WIKI. Otherwise you can always write us at 

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