We recently recorded a new podcast focused on SAP HCM and Enhancement Package 6 (EHP6) in which Steve Bogner, Luke Marson, Martin Gillet and myself looked at it from a number of customer facing angles. Given that EHP6 is a prerequisite for the New SAP HCM Functionality – HR Renewal 1.0 and SAP New HR Renewal Functionality and Roadmap, which is a very good offering, it is no surprise that there is more early interest from HCM customers than any of the previous enhancement packages.

In our Insights into SAP HCM Enhancement Pack 6 Podcast which is also available on iTunes we discuss the following:

3:34 What is in EHP6 for SAP HCM (Luke Marson/Martin Gillet)

11:48 How does EHP6 allow you leverage the new HR Renewal functionality (Jarret Pazahanick)

13:54 What are SAP HCM Feature Packs (Jarret Pazahanick)

14:43 What is in EHP6 for payroll and global companies (Steve Bogner)

15:50 What are some implementation challenges with EHP6 (Steve Bogner/Luke Marson)

18:30 SAP Enhancement Packages for OnPremise vs Quarterly SaaS Updates (Jarret Pazahanick)

24:03 Things that customer consider before installing new SAP HCM technologies (Steve Bogner)

25:34 Can customers respond to SAP as quickly as SAP is innovating (Steve Bogner)

26:11 Are customer risk averse and why that can be a mistake (Jarret Pazahanick)

28:26 Why Steve is Old, Jaded and Grumpy ???? (Steve Bogner)

29:06 How customer should approach cutting edge SAP HCM innovation (Jarret Pazahanick)

30:30 What can customers do to become better at quarterly releases (Jarret Pazahanick/Martin Gillet/Luke Marson/Steve Bogner)

36:20 Whats different between a SaaS update vs an OnPremise update (Jarret Pazahanick/Luke Marson/Steve Bogner)

38:28 Customer Success Stories with EHP6 (Jarret Pazahanick/Martin Gillet)

I am proud that our HCM podcast lead by Steve Bogner took part in 14 podcasts in 2012 and I would highly recommend listening if there are any you may have missed.

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There is lots of additional information on the SAP HCM EHP6 on the SAP Community Network and we look forward to any questions or feedback on this or any of our previous podcasts.

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