According to SiriusDecisions, 67 percent of a buyer’s journey happens on digital channels. These changing customer demands are transforming every business and driving disruption in every industry. On March 8, the SAP Hybris Live: Digital Summit will help shed more light on these changing demands and provide insight on how to transform your business for the digital age.

From three international locations – Singapore, Munich and New York City – SAP Hybris Live: Digital Summit will live-stream dynamic keynotes, interactive panels and expert presentations directly to your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Registration is already under way for this unprecedented online event it’s completely FREE.

SAP Hybris Live: Digital Summit Is Online, Unprecedented and Completely Free

“This digital format offers the flexibility for whole teams to attend, and gives attendees the choice of joining for a single session, the full day or anywhere in between – regardless of where they are,” said Jamie Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP Hybris. “It’s a modern omnichannel event for a modern omnichannel marketplace.”

Agenda topics will include: innovator stories, thought leader points of view, changing engagement technologies, employee roles and customer centricity, customer insight, business agility, machine learning and SAP Hybris Solution ROI. Each location will host its own theme:

To keep things interesting, each location will host its own theme:

From Singapore: “Delivering Great Experiences in Diverse Markets”

From Munich: “Bridging the Gaps in the Customer Journey”

From New York: “Machine Learning and the Power of Context”

Not only can attendees expect to hear from an array of global experts about the latest developments in customer engagement and how technologies are fueling disruption, they’ll be able to participate in live Q&A sessions. In addition, a large library of on-demand sessions will be available including:

  • Customer Engagement Trends
  • SAP Hybris Products
  • Implementation Products
  • Cloud Migration
  • Developing Microservices
  • Scaling Innovation

Are you ready to go beyond disruption? Don’t delay, register for SAP Hybris Live: Digital Summit today!

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