SAP iXp Bangalore: Meet Abhinav Gupta

SAP iXp Bangalore: Meet Abhinav Gupta: Abhinav Gupta was quite excited to tap inside SAP Hana and Leonardo at SAP Labs India’s largest Hackathon of the year, InnVent. He had paired up with colleagues at SAP Labs (which included his fellow SAP Internship Experience Project (iXp) interns) to solve a business problem for SAP.

About the Hack

At the Hackathon, Abhinav and his team created a “smart assistant” that’ll help simplify tasks relating to on-campus security. “For a security officer at a corporate company, there are a number of activities that take place which are necessary for smooth functioning,” he explained. “Right from access to the premises, monitoring, to completing day tasks.”

Abhinav added that the small day-to-day problems and tickets can pile up, so their hack would help simplify and give managers more time to focus on more important tasks. Although his team didn’t win the Hackathon, he said it was a great experience interacting with other team members and interns—and diving into SAP Hana and Leonardo technologies for the first time. “We had good exposure and learned a lot about how things work,” he said.

Learning about SAP

As a UX Design Intern on the Tools Team at SAP Labs India, Abhinav’s main project is to interview SAP employees using SAP tools and find and improve upon their pain points by using design thinking methodologies. This is his first time working at an enterprise company—so the exposure to new people, ideas and processes is what Abhinav has enjoyed most. During his first few weeks at SAP, he attended a design thinking workshop with other designers across SAP.

Two months into his six-month internship, Abhinav has interviewed 14 people for feedback on SAP tools. Many of the interviews are with colleagues in SAP’s Headquarters in Walldorf, Germany who have been with the company for over a decade. Abhinav said he’s not only learned a lot about their user experience, but also about how things work around the company.

“You have to consider the stakeholders and limitations and think about what users really want and respond to what they do,” he explained. “This is a big project to start my career with and it’s provided me with big exposure to people in different countries.”

Abhinav said that prior to joining SAP, he didn’t know what to expect. “The meetings are casual and you can make any point you want and people really listen to you,” he said. You might find him either running outside or hanging out with friends and playing foosball on a break between the plentiful events at SAP Labs India.

Learn more about internships at SAP Labs India here.

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