SAP PI SFTP Adapter Authentication


  • In SAP PI, we can access SFTP server of client using SFTP Adapter.
  • SAP-PI can use SFTP Adapter in below two manners:
    1. SFTP Sender Adapter:     To pull files from SFTP server’s folder
    2. SFTP Receiver Adapter:  To push files to SFTP server’s folder
  • In this blog we conclude below aspects:
    • Authentication technique for SFTP Server
    • SFTP Sender Communication Channel Configuration
    • SFTP Receiver Communication Channel Configuration

Authentication technique for SFTP Server

To access SFTP server from SAP-PI using SFTP adapter, below details are required:

  1. SFTP Server IP
  2. SFTP Server Port             (default port is 22)
  3. SFTP Server Fingerprint
    • If SFTP Server Fingerprint details are not available then we can ignore it by providing input as * (star) in SFTP Communication channel
    • SFTP Server Fingerprint can be generated using tool any standard tool like ‘FileZilla’, where we need to provide SFTP server details, while conencting tool will show SFTP’s fingerprint
    • 1 12 7801493
    • SFTP Fingerprint looks like as below:
  4. Authentication Method supported by SFTP server: It can be either
    • ‘user-id/Password’ based authentication
      • Here SFTP server is accessible via its user-id/password
    • ‘Private Key’ (Certificate) based authentication
      • In certificate based authentication, SSH clients and servers authenticate each other via public/private key pairs. Each must have access to their own private key, and other’s public key

SFTP server authentication using ‘Private Key’ method

  • When SFTP server supports key based authentication, we need to maintain below details in SAP-PI:
    1. SAP-PI’s Private Key View
    2. SAP-PI’s Private Key Entry
    3. SFTP Server’s username
      • 3 6 8013145
  • In SAP-PI, Private/Public SSH Key can be maintained using following steps:
  • Go to SAP-PI’s nwa url
    • https://:/nwa
  • Create a new Keystore view,
    • Go to nwa url page -> Configuration Management -> Security -> Certificates and Keys -> Key Storage -> Content -> Keystore Views
    • To create a new keystore view, click on button ‘Add view’
    • Q2 3191503
  • Create a  Keystore Entry in same keystore view which just created above
    • Provide details as Entry Name, Algorithm as RSA and Key length 1024 or 2048, validity time
    • Entry Type ‘Private Key’
    • Follow the rest step to complete creation of Keystore Entry
  • Export Keystore view and Keystore Entry
    • Select row of  Keystore view and its respective Keystore Entry
    • Q5 6946259
    • Click on button ‘Export Entry’ -> export format ‘PKCS#12 Key Pair’ -> enter a password here and note it down
    • Click on link ‘Download’ to extract .p12 file for example file name is ‘PItoSFTP_Key.p12‘.
  • Now using tool ‘OpenSSL’ (in any windows local desktop) perform below activities:
    1. Extract ‘OpenSSL’ in to a directory  for e.g. ‘C:/OpenSSL/’
    2. Copy ‘PItoSFTP_Key.p12‘ into ‘C:/OpenSSL/bin/’
    3. Create .PEM key file from .p12 file using below command  in cmd prompt
      • cd OpenSSLin
      • openssl pkcs12 -in PItoSFTP_Key.p12 -out PItoSFTP_Key.pem
      • Enter Import Password: pass1234
      • Enter PEM pass phrase: pass1234
    4. Create SSH Private Key from PEM key
      • openssl rsa -in PItoSFTP_Key.pem -out PItoSFTP_Key.key
      • Enter pass phrase for PItoSFTP_Key.pem: pass1234
      • Q8 4331595
  • Now upload Private SSH key file ‘PItoSFTP_Key.key’ in to SAP-PI server
  • Generate SSH Public Key:
    • Using SSH Key Generator in PI-server, we can generate SSH public key from private key file, with below commands:
      • su
      • chmod 600 PItoSFTP_Key.key
      • ssh-keygen -y -f PItoSFTP_Key.key >
    • SAP-PI’s SSH Public Key ‘‘ has been generated, which need to be imported in SFTP server for authentication.
  • Note:
    • Here only SAP-PI’s SSH Public is been shared and imported into SFTP server
    • SAP-PI using Receiver SFTP communication channel will be able to send files into SFTP server folders.

SFTP Receiver Communication Channel Configuration

  • To send files to SFTP server folder, we use SFTP Receiver Communication channel
  • Provide respective details in input fields of channel as shown in below screen
  • In SFTP server folder, files will be dropped with same original name by enabling Adapter Specific Message-Attributes and using %FileName% in FileName input field

SFTP Sender Communication Channel Configuration

  • When requirement is to get/read files from SFTP server folder, we use Sender SFTP Adapter.
  • In Sender Channel, provide input for SFTP server’s IP/Port/Fingerprint/Authentication details as shown in below screen:
  • Directory references starts from root directory of SFTP server
  • And we are reading all files of that direcrtoy using Filename input .*
  • To archive read files, we can use below parameters:
  • Given ‘Archive name’ will move same read file to mentioned Archive path with prefix ‘ARC_’ in original filename
  • Z2 5963481

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