SAP Predictive Analytics Road Map Webcast Recap

SAP Predictive Analytics Road Map Webcast Recap: This was an SAP Webcast yesterday.  You can view all roadmaps at

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Retrain model; machines will continuously learn from data

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Data manager – user manages data with clicks, not code

Reusable transformations with predictive analytics

Propose ways to build models with guided workflow

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Automate models and lifecycle management

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Current challenges in advanced analytics and machine learning

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Automation and operationalization

Looking to a web version

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Automated analytics based on guided workflows

Expert analytics is based on predictive composer for experts, data scientists

Predictive Factory – massive models and deployment

On the right, “unify” access and modeling using Predictive Factory interface

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Complementary approaches

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Embed capabilities in SAP applications (e.g. Fraud Management) – PAi on the right

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Goals are shown above

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GDPR is part of the planned innovations

Data Hub architecture support

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Continue unification journey

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Data set preparation

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Unified predictive analytics platform, unified UI, user experience, predictive insights

Effort to expand embedding predictive models in business applications

I missed the start, but for sure the legal disclaimer applies:

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