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Plan Cost:

(1) Manual Cost Planning (WBS Elements):

Pass WBS as into PRPS-PSPNR and obtain the PRPS-OBJNR.

Pass PRPS-OBJNR to RPSCO-OBJNR where value type would be RPSCO-WRTTP = 1 and get Plan cost by adding the value of RPSCO table WLP00, WLP01,…to…. WLP16.

(2) Network Costing:

if we does not have network number than Pass WBS number (PRPS-POSID) to AUFK-PSPEL and get AUFK-AUFNR.

Pass the network number to AFKO-AUFNR and obtain AFKO-AUFPL.

Pass AFKO-AUFPL to AFVC-AUFPL and obtain AFVC-OBJNR (object number for Network Activity).

pass AFVC-OBJNR to RPSCO-OBJNR where value type RPSCO-WRTTP = 1 and get Plan cost by adding the valueof RPSCO table WLP00, WLP01,…to…. WLP16

(3) Actual Cost: if you need actual cost from RPSCO table than you should choose WRTTP=4 rest whole logic would be same in above.

other optional table: COEP-CO Object: Line Items (by Period), this table is also useful when we want to create a custom report line item wise or according to Date/period/fiscal year.


if you need value according to date range


Compare COBK-BUDAT to selection parameter date and select records on or before selection parameter.

If BUDAT is equal or less than selection parameter date which is 01.01.2015 then select this entry.



Budget Type:

1. Annual Budget

2. Overall Budget

This is defined in budget profile:

   -Only annual budget.
   -Overall Budget.
   -Annual + Overall Budget

BPJA: this table is for Budget Annual: For this we have pass PRPS-OBJNR to BPJA-OBJNR and fetch BPGE-WTJHR.
BPGE: This table is for Budget Overall: For this we have pass PRPS-OBJNR to BPGE-OBJNR and fetch BPGE-WLGES.

In above table we can have link between PRPS and above two tables. we need to pass OBJNR of WBS to BPEG & BPJA table to fetch values.

Status: SAP hase different types of Status as below:

1. System Status: which is SAP Standard Status, User can not interfere with SAP System Status. according to transaction system status would be activated. Example: CRTD, REL, CNF, TECO & CLSD etc

2. User Status: this is a User defined status which user himself creates and use as per business function/process.


JEST-Object Status

JCDO-Change Documents for Status Object (Table JSTO)

TJ02-System Status

TJ02T- text for system status

JSTO-Status Object Info

JCDS-change Document for system and user status

TJ30-User Status

TJ30T-Text for user status

if we need status for any object than we should have OBJNR for required object for Example: if we need to fetch status of WBS than Pass PRPS-OBJNR to JEST-OBJNR. this will return like I0001 or I0002 etc which are internal naming but if you want to see text than you should pass I0002 to TJ02T than you will get status as below:


Commitment is a value which are liabilities arising from contractual obligations incurred on time to time basis. i projects we need to estimate our cost/investment.

to get values forcommitment we should use below link:

Table COOI-Commitments Management: Line Items

Pass OBJNR of PS object in COOI-OBJNR to get values

other option is Pass OBJNR to RPSCO table and fetch values basis of RPSCO-WRTTP = 21,22,23,24.

Integration with HR:

In SAP we have major integration between PS and HR.

we need to check table:

CATSDB – CATS: Database Table for Time Sheet

this table contain all data posted to HR like time sheet whether this is approved or not.

Pass WBS/Network to fetch time sheet posted by Personnel Number.

CATSPS- Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to PS

This table contain all timesheet which are posted and transfer to PS object.

Pass Network in CATSPS-RNPLNR and get personnel Number and Hours posted Etc.

CATSCO-Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to CO

This table contain all timesheet which are transferred to CO Object.

Pass WBS to CATSCO-RPROJ and get personnel Number and Hours posted Etc.

CATSHR-Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS): Transfer to HR

This table contain all timesheet which are transferred to HR Object.

Pass WBS to CATSHR-RPROJEXT and get personnel Number and Hours posted Etc.

PA0001-HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment)

Pass Personnel Number in PA0001-PERNR and get all details of Personnel Number.

PA0027-HR Master Record: Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution)

Pass Personnel Number or WBS to get cost distribution list.

Integration with MM:

for integration with MM we can refer tables like: EKKN-Account Assignment in Purchasing Document.

EKKN- Account Assignment in Purchasing Document

we can pass WBS element to EKKN-PS_PSP_PNR and Network to EKKN-NPLNR to fetch PO related to PS object.

EKPO -Purchasing Document Item

we can fetch PO related to Account assignment P, N and Q. for this Pass Account Assignment to EKPO-KNTTP and get PO Number (EBELN). we can also fetch Service PO via Entering item category in EKPO-PSTYP.

EBAN – Purchase Requisition

This table is linked with EBKN (Account Assigned PR), and EBKN is linked with all account assigned Objects for example: WBS Element, Network, Plan no.f.oper., To order, Cost Object etc.

RESB: Reservation/dependent requirements

if any reservation is created for any object than you will get from this table like:

Pass WBS Element (RESB-PSPEL) and get Reservation number.

RKPF : Document Header: Reservation

this table contain data related to reservation. linked to AFKO table via RSNUM

there are many more tables like:

EVPOC:-Percentage of completion:

Pass PRPS-OBJNR to EVPOC-OBJNR to fetch Plan or Actual POC

COBRA-Settlement Rule for Order Settlement


COBRB-Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement


COSB-CO Object: Total Variances/Results Analyses

Pass OBJNR and get result analysis data for Object

PRTP-Sub Projects


PRHIS-Standard Project Hierarchy

this table is used to identify all hierarchy for a selected Standard WBS

Pass Standard WBS to PRHIS-POSNR and check which is Project ID and Immediate lower WBS and Left and right WBS if available.

PRPSS- Standard WBS Element (WBS element) – Master Data

Pass Standard WBS to PRPSS-POSID and get all master data assigned to Standard WBS.

PROJS-Standard Project ID

Pass Standard ProjectID to PROJS-POSID and get all master data assigned to Standard Project.

PLPO- Standard Network Activity

Pass Standard WBS to PLPO-PSPNR to fetch all activity assigned to WBS

MLST- Milestones

if you have WBS, than Pass WBS to MLST-PSPNR and fetch Milestone assigned to WBS

if you have network than you need to fetch plan no of operation and counter, pass these to MLST-AUFPL and MLST-APLZL and fetch MLST-MLST_ZAEHL (Milestone number), MLSTN (Usage) etc.

SMLS-Standard Milestones

standard milestone are attached to PS objects like standard network.




Pass WBS to PRST-PSPNR to get Material (MATNR).

QBEW-Project Stock valuation

Pass Material  (QSEW-MATNR) and WBS (QBEW-PSPNR) and get stock and values

MSPR-Project Stock

Pass WBS in MSPR-PSPNR and get Material (MSPR-MATNR) with quantity.


Pass AFRU-AUFNR and AFRU-APLFL to get confirmation details

COSS- Cost total for internal posting

Pass Object Number of PS Object and get all values.

COSP-Cost total for External Postings.

FMZUOB-Allocation of CO Object to FM Account Assignment

VBAK-Sales Document: Header Data

Pass WBS in VBAK-PS_PSP_PNR to get details for sales order

VMPA-Selection Methods for Search Help VMPA

When business process is link assembly Process and RRB so we need to check link between Sales Document with WBS.

Pass WBS to VMPA-PS_PSP_PNR to get Sales Order Item or vice versa.

COAS- Details for order against WBSE

This is used to find orders created where WBS as Account assignment.

Pass WBS to WBS of COAS(COAS-PSPEL) to get Order and order type.

Resource Related Billing tables:

AD01DLI: Dynamic items (DI)

Pass Object number and find all details related to RRB

AD01DLISF: DI Flow: Totals Flow

pass DLINR from AD01DLI table

AD01DLIEF: DI flow: Individual flow

Pass DLINR from AD01LIEF table

Fund Management and Project System:

FMDERIVE006-Derivation rule:WBS Element/CE to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/

This is used to extract Derivation Rules where WBS/Cost Element linked to Commitment Item/Fund Center

FMDERIVE007-Derivation rule:WBS Element to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fun

This is used to extract Derivation Rules where WBS linked to Commitment Item/Fund Center

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