SAP Public Sector in action at the SCEWC16

A vigorous debate focused on Cities for Citizens will be underway next week, at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. SAP is excited to participate and partner at this year’s event.

In between the tapas and the rioja, we encourage you to come see us in action:

  • Stop by and visit us at the SAP Public Sector booth (Hall P2, Level 0, Street D, Stand 429)—focused on helping cities improve, transform, and prosper to create a better urban world
  • Meet five of the startups from SAP Startup Focus and see how they use the SAP HANA platform to help cities surmount urban challenges:
    • Enersis: Big data solution for reaching CO2 emission reduction targets
    • Incelligent; Predictive knowledge generation and user-friendly visualization that facilitate real-time management decisions and enable telecommunication improvements
    • Sablono; Mobile app solution for real-time construction process data management across multiple sites
    • visualNACert: Increasing efficiency and profitability in agribusiness by making data useful and accessible through interactive maps and smart data analysis
    • Wittos; Rethinking the way local spaces engage with connected customers through real-time mobile analytics and predictive content over wi-fi
  • Attend the roundtable discussion “Transforming Your City to Improve Citizens’ Lives in the Digital Era” hosted by Mayor Stephen Goldsmith, topics to include:
    • Transforming operational models by seamlessly crossing operational borders
    • Sensing, predicting and acting in real time to protect constituents
    • Improving planning and budgeting with access to real-time data
    • Making better data driven policy decisions across agencies and departments

      NOTE: The roundtable will take place at our booth on the show floor (10:00am CET – 11:00am CET, Thursday November 17); RSVP (public sector officials & employees only)

    To help prepare you for the event, we encourage you to:

          • Brush up on your Spanish/Catalan
          • Follow us on twitter: @SAPStartups and @SAPPublicSector
          • Join the conversation: #SCEWC16
          • Listen to these recordings:
            • Making Cities Safer and Smarter: The Internet of Things (Part 1)
            • Making Cities Safer and Smarter: The Internet of Things (Part 2)
            • Smart Cities, Smart Streets: IoT to the rescue (Part 3)
            • Smart Cities – Transforming for the Digital Era
            • Partnering to unlock maximum value in your city
          • We look forward to seeing you there!

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