• Many industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, FMCG uses multiple resources to manufacture the same product. SAP provides provision to map the methodology by following ways:

                          1. With aid of multiple Production Versions via multiple Master Recipe

                          2. By manual selection within the Process Order

                          3. Resource selection via classification

  • Here one specific characteristic has been defined that would quantify the resource classification approach

                        1. MFG_RESOURCES – Manufacturing Resource


  • Characteristics defined in the system relates to Master Data, defining them in general relay one time activity which should be governed by Master Data Management team

  • This characteristic will be assigned to Class MFG_RESOURCES of Class Type 019 (Work Center Class)
  • Note: Each Characteristic Value will relate to Resource Number which requires grouping as shown below


  • All relevant resources will be assigned with Class MFG_RESOURCES
  • Characteristic MFG_RESOURCES defined will be assigned to Class MFG_RESOURCES

  • First characteristic is defined in the system followed by class
  • SAP Menu  Pathway – SAP Menu → Cross-Application Components → Classification System → Master Data → Characteristics (SAP Transaction CT04)
  • SAP Menu  PathwaySAP Menu → Cross-Application Components → Classification System → Master Data → Classes (SAP Transaction CL02)
  • Note: The Class Type is 019 which relates to Work Center Class
  • Post creation of relevant characteristic & class required for resource classification, next step is to link up the resources with characteristic value assigned to Characteristic MFG_RESOURCES


  • SAP Menu  PathwaySAP Menu → Logistics → Production – Process → Master Data → Resources →  Resource → Change (SAP Transaction CRC2)



  • Once inside Resource (Change Mode) access ‘Classification’ as shown & assign relevant characteristic value




  • In this case Resource PP/VI-01 has been assigned with Characteristic Value – PP/VI-01
  • Repeat the same for all other resources which forms part of one specific group
  • Next step is to modify the existing Master Recipe which will need to accommodate the features of resource classification
  • SAP Menu Logistics → Production – Process → Master Data → Master Recipe →  Recipe & Material → Change (SAP Transaction C202)


OR (Alternate Method)

  • SAP Menu Logistics → Production – Process → Master Data → Production Versions (SAP Transaction C223)



  • Once inside Master Recipe, make changes as shown in the following snapshots
  • Note:  Resource classification is always assigned to Recipe Operation & not phase
  • Select the relevant operation which needs to have the feature of resource classification & assign Class MFG_RESOURCES followed by all the resource characteristic values which are relevant for grouping

    [Practical Application]


  • While working on Process Order which requires resource swapping, access the concerned open (i.e. whose order system status is REL, CTRD) process order in change mode
  • Logistics → Production – Process → Process Order → Process Order → Change (SAP Transaction COR2)
  • Go-to operations tab within ‘Process Order’ – Note: Order status should be either CRTD or REL
  • Select the concerned operation which requires resource change, go-to application tool bar, refer path Operation > Functions for Phase/for Operation > Resource Selection

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