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This blog will be more useful to new consultants in S/4HANA EM -Streamlined Procurement & Sourcing. the process is same as the ECC subcontracting Process. but here the difference we are using FIORI UI instead of GUI Interface. I hope this will be more thrill and give happiness when working in FIORI. As subcontracting Process everybody knows and it is not a new topic..

Here i have mentioned Subcontracting vendor creation, subcon info record and BOM creation with respect to FG material. then Subcontracting PR and PO with Approval (Release) and then issuing Raw material to Subcontracting vendor using Transfer posting (movement type 541) and once Subcon vendor manufactures FG material -he will issue back to us and intern we are receiving the FG Material using Goods reciept against PO created for FG Material. (Movement TYpe 101). Finally Posting Invoice verification (Supplier Invoice). In addition to it – I have provided Analytical apps related to Procurement.

  • External subcontracting in procurement

    • Create purchase order

    • Approve purchase order (optional) – Approval Process not

    • Transfer stock for subcontractor with delivery

    • Process deliveries and picking

    • Transfer stock for subcontractor without delivery

    • Goods receipt for subcontract order (without WM)

    • Record results

    • Record usage decision

    • Verify invoice

Reference for Best Practice taken from SAP S/4HANA Chemical trial with Industry best Practices.

  • External subcontracting in procurement:


Thanks to SAP once again


For FIORI Apps Please use FIORI Apps Library provided by SAP.

FIORI Apps library page

We can drill down based on LOB also

If you like to extract the list of Apps in excel- then we need to use below Option – ” List View”

We need to add following Apps in FIORI

Create/Change/ Display material App

Create/ Change/Display Supplier App

Create/Change/Display Procurement Info record App

Create/Change/Display Bill of material (BOM) App

Create/Change/Display/manage/ My Purchase requisitions App

Activating PR & PO Approval Notification.

PR approval App

PR to PO Conversion/ Create PO/Change PO/Display PO/manage PO/My Purchase order App.

PO Approval App.

Post Goods receipt for PO & Good Movement App

Display Material document App

List Material document Apps

Create Supplier Invoice Apps or Incoming Invoice Apps.

Analytical apps related to PR, PO, GR, IV-

Procurement Overview page Apps.


Subcontracting Scenario –   Welcome to scenario :

Create Material In FIORI.

Create Subcontracting vendor in FIORI.

Creating Bill of Material for Subcontracting in FIORI.

Sub contracting Info Record Created in FIORI.

Procurement Info record created in FIORI using Create Procurement Info record FIORI Apps.

Searching PR creation apps in Apps Finder in FIORI screen.

PR creation through FIORI Apps- Create PR apps

PR Created and purchase requisition sent to Approval.

Once PR is approved by Purchasing department top level authority. user will convert to PO.

Using PO creation App in FIORI we are creating PO with reference to PR.

Po Creation stage

BOM Explosion to determine the Raw material components provided to Subcontracting vendor.

PO creation

PO Header


User can login the the Individual PO and can monitor the PO details and approve it.

Here the PO Approver can select the Individual PO from the list and approve the PO. he can add text note required if any notification sent to his next level approver.

Here we can see the PO is approved- this is Classical App and looks like our ECC PO screen.

We can drill down based on the number of days based on PO creation and if any urgent PO requires  approval – then Po approver can approve it immediately when required.

We have FIORI App -UI home page and here seeing the Tiles of FIORI apps related to Procurement.

Option- 2 – User without login to each and every Individual PO -he/she can approve directly form FIORI Home page -Inbox part. it again depends on the user decision.

Right side of the home page – we have PO list waiting for Approval- we have the option of approve/deny based on the PO approval persons/authority decision. if they are ok with the PO then they can approve it else deny the PO.

user can view the list of the transactions he/she used recently in left side of the home page.using Edit option they can customize i mean arrange the FIORI apps tiles based on their requirement.

Posting Transfer Posting stock from own stock to Sub contractor …. using Transfer posting Option and movement type 541.

Material document is generated.

Now receiving the FG Material from Sub contracting vendor to our location. using GR for Purchase order with Movement type 101.

Here we can see the FG and related Raw Materials.

Material document posted and stock is placed in our location.

Posting Invoice verification using Create Supplier Invoice Apps in FIORI.

taking reference of PO.

Invoice Verification Document is posted.

Analytical/ Report related Apps in FIORI.

Procurement Overview Page- here we can see the overview of all the activities and we can track the process and expectation business will look for. it is more useful apps.

365 Days View Analytical Apps in FIORI

FIORI Apps View related to Inventory

I hope this blog will be more useful to logistics consultants to understand how FIORI UI will look like for Subcontracting Process.



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