SAP Screen Personas is now available.

SAP Screen Personas makes personalization of SAP business application screens as easy as changing a PowerPoint slide. This solution provides consumer-grade personalization features that enable IT professionals and end-users to simplify their user interface quickly and easily in order to improve the visual appeal, end-user productivity, and performance of SAP. This solution requires no programming skills or knowledge of SAP systems.

Here is an example of how we modified the SMEN transaction to give users direct access to the information and transactions they need most.

Customers starting to personalize their screens

Last week, we hosted teams from two different customers who visited our Palo Alto offices to personalize screens for their respective user communities. We started each day with an overview presentation on SAP Screen Personas, some focused training on how to personalize screens, and then moved to hands-on practice with the solution.

In a matter of only a few hours each person was able to create several beautiful screens that aligned closely with the specific needs of a department they wanted to serve. They added their corporate logos and colors, removed unused fields to eliminate clutter, combined tabs to simplify the screen, and wrote scripts to pass information from one screen to another, eliminating repetitive keystrokes. You may have a chance to see some of their work at SAPPHIRE NOW next May.

What can SAP Screen Personas do for you?

  • Improve business user productivity by providing only the essential screen elements and data to complete business transactions faster and more accurately through fewer data entry fields.
  • Increase user satisfaction by automating repetitive tasks and simplifying complex screens through pre-filled fields and pull-down menus.
  • Reduce the cost of personalization by eliminating the need for ABAP programmers or scripting experts.
  • Decrease training time for SAP users.

Contact your SAP Account Executive to learn more.

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