One feature which CRM introduced and is available in the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 with SP06 is the ability to enter formatted text with embedded (inline) screenshots.

We have ensured that this new feature can be used in the Solution Manager IT Service Management scenario when users create incidents but there are a number of limitations you should be aware of before you proceed.


  • Formatted text with screenshots is only available in the CRM WebClient UI.
  • The formatted texts cannot be exchanged with any external system or service:
    • You cannot exchange formatted text if you send incidents to SAP for processing by SAP Customer Support.
    • You cannot exchange formatted text with the external Service Desk interface.
  • Other UIs do not support the formatted text. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Fiori applications such as “My Incidents”, “Create Incident”, “Resolve and Dispatch Incidents”.
    • Web Dynpro UIs, such as the Test Suite, or the Incident Management work center.

Check frequently for updated notes and corrections related to this function. Since this is a new feature, it is still being refined. See the Further Information section at the bottom of this article for existing master notes and related documents.


You also have to do a certain amount of configuration in order to enable formatted text:

  • Activate Business Functions (switches)
  • Make entries in customizing tables
  • Use UI configuration to enable the assignment block in the CRM UI which supports formatted text.

I’ll go through these steps below.

Activate Business Functions (Switches)

Enable the following Business Functions (transaction SFW5):

  • CRM_ITSM_COM – Content and Text Management
  • CRM_TM_1 – Text Management Assignment Block
  • UI_FRW_RTE – Assignment is defined in business function

The three business function sets in the Switch Framework Customizing transaction (SFW5):

Sfw5 01 1781848

Sfw5 03 1225762

Make Customizing Table Entries

1. CRM Formatted Text Customizing

Call the following transaction:

  • CRMC_TEXT – CRM Formatted Text Customizing

For each text type (Description, Internal Note, Reply, …) which you want to use, add a corresponding table entry:

  • Select Formatted
  • Select HTML-Text
  • Enter CL_CRM_TEXT_FORMAT_CONVERSION as the converter class

These customizing entries tell the CRM system to activate formatted text conversion and storage for the corresponding text types. When you select “HTML-Text”, the system will use the new text storage area for HTML formatted texts with the embedded image capability.

2. Assign Business Objects to Switches Customizing

Call transaction SM30 (Maintain Table Views) and maintain entries for the following table:


Add an entry with the following values for Switch and Trans.Cat:

  • Switch = CRM_ITSM_COM
  • Trans.Cat. = BUS2000223

You can also add an entry for Trans.Cat BUS2000116 (Service Orders, including Change Control Management transaction types), or BUS2000224 (Problem transaction types) if you use these. BUS2000223 specifies Service Requests including incident transaction types.

The following example has all three transaction categories maintained:

Business Object Types 2537973

These customizing entries tell the CRM system to use the new formatted text editor with embedded image capabilities in the CRM UI component GSTEXT (see next step – UI configuration).

CRM WebClient UI Configuration

Enable the GSTEXT assignment block in relevant WebClient UI components.

  • Navigate to an incident in the CRM WebClient UI.
  • Select Configure Page
  • Add GSTEXT to the list of displayed assignment blocks
  • Save the UI configuration.

The configure page toolbar icon (you may have to activate this button in CRM WebClient UI personalization – see the CRM WebClient UI documentation for further details).

Add “GSTEXT” to the list of displayed assignment blocks:

Ui Configure 02 8996805


Once you have completed the above steps, the system will display a new “Notes” assignment block in the CRM WebClient UI. You can past images into the text:

Further Information

  • Note 2116845 – Business Function: new Rich Text Editor
  • Note 2117779 – – WebUI Text Editor Enhancements with TinyMCE – Part 2
  • Note 2498809 – SAP CRM Rich Text Editor – Guided Answers
  • Rich Text Editor wiki article in SCN.
  • Note 2493984 – Text Views in CRM (See the attached PDF document which provides further information regarding the GSTEXT assignment block.)