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Working with SAP TDMS HCM 4.0

  • Setting the scenario

Once logged into the machine has the SAP Solution Manager using the transaction “TDMS” is selected under “Projects” for selecting the specific scenario.

Once inside the section “Projects” is selected one that has “Template” template for data HCM PA / PY.

If you have selected the correct project stage and the desired template is pressed on the button “Enter 9000X Package” to execute transfer steps:

Opens a new screen with the TDMS process tree for the scenario:

  • Transfer Activities

In this phase will run subactivities “Identify Objects for Data Transfer and Start Selection” and “Confirm Data Selection”, both contained within the activity “Criteria for Data Selection”.

Identify Objects for Data Transfer and Start Selection

The selection options are:

o Personnel munber.

o Employee Status.

o Division.

o Subdivision.

o Personnel Group.

o Personnel area.

o Selection ID.

TDMS has not recording SAP standard variants. To avoid this drawback TDMS 4.0 incorporates the selection ID. This ID corresponds to the preselected track data using a recording and evaluation of the resulting objects with a unique ID code. This selection is made by an expert user in the previous sub-activity “Assign Objects to a Selection ID” within the group of activities “Criteria for Data Selection”.

HCM Query.

TDMS allows the ability to run an ad-hoc query selection

PA Infotypes and clusters.

In this option to copy selected infotypes, the cluster and the period from which you want to start copying the payroll results.

Other PA Data;

On this screen you can select other tables, customer-specific tables, country….

Delete or PA and Target Options.;

In this tab sets the deleted data on the target system and the range of numbers with that copy.

The “Delete complete PERNR” option, deletes all tables that lists the employee number. The “Delete selected Given PERNRs Tables for” option, only delete the tables that are to be transported.

To confirm our selections will press either of these buttons:

Confirm online-selection is done online.

Confirm batch-selection is performed in the background.

When you execute it a message must be appear:

Running selecting the “selection variant” will be recorded in the system and appear the same choice when you go to make the next execution

Confirm data selection

This activity confirms the choice made in the previous step. Clicking on the icon will run the action. After running the system will change the traffic lights to green to indicate that the action is completed and marks the next phase as the active phase.

  • Data Transfer

In the data transfer phase, the following activities are executed:

Running Data transfer activity will start to begin to make the transfer of data from the source system to the target system. This is the point where data is transferred from the TDMS cluster of one system to another using the RFC’s created in the Landscape. Once it is finished you can reuse again Packaged in selection.

In View data transfer log you can see  the log of data copied to the target system

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