SAP TechEd Barcelona last week was a wonderful event! Jam packed with SAP Community fun ???? The event began for me Monday evening with the SAP Mentor reception – an opportunity to connect with both old and new friends spanning many years.

Tuesday morning launched the event with Bjoern Goerke’s great keynote in which he helped celebrate the mentors’ 10 year anniversary. SAP TechEd Barcelona Recap

The SAP Community team (see them in action below) spent the next 3 days busy on the show floor engaging with community, answering questions and helping spread the word via social and selfie photo fun (an example is Darius Heydarian tweet below).

SAP TechEd Barcelona Recap

The team ran multiple networking sessions on topics such as empathy (Moshe Naveh) and brand awareness (Jamie Cantrell). We also held several sessions sharing our new prototype and were pleased the question asked most often was ‘how soon can it be released’.

SAP TechEd Barcelona Recap

There were daily recaps taped by Jerry Janda :


We also had daily Lego contests organized by Mynyna Chau which showcased our members creativity. I was especially impressed with the great selling skills of our final day contestants when sharing their star trek creations ????

(Image: group 2 participants who needed to create a goat in honor of Capra)

SAP TechEd Barcelona Recap

Oliver Kohl, Florian Henninger  and I had a chance for a quick sit down on the last day to share live about SAP Community: The Path Forward be sure to watch the replay if you missed it.

For me Community is all about people. I love SAP TechEd events since I get to interact directly with our community and encourage many who are mainly ‘readers’ to try and engage more online. I also get to meet old friends (too many to name but wonderful to see them again!) and even honor our award winners (such as Raquel Pereira da Cunha  below).

SAP TechEd Barcelona Recap

This year an added element of fun was our online caption contests done by the very talented Caroleigh Deneen . Be sure to check out the funny comments Capra Caption Contest – Barcelona Style and especially that of our Barcelona winner, @jeremy.good.

If you were unable to attend I recommend checking out one or two of the blogs below sharing different aspects of the event and hope to see you at a future SAP TechEd!


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