Savannah Cement has signed a partnership with a software company to install an interface at weighbridges aimed at curbing rising losses. Savannah Cement CEO Ronald
Ndegwa said the new partnership with Sparkjet East Africa (SEAL) comes as the company recorded increased business volumes. “We felt that there was a clear
need to review our approach to technology,” said the cement company boss, adding that SEAL through its SAP software will offer excellent customer experience. Savannah Cement is the first company in Africa to employ the use of SAP HANA. SAP Africa MD Andrew Waititu said that Savannah Cement is communicating a clear revolutionary need to change its approach. “I am pleased that Savannah has selected SAP on a HANA platform. I am also sure that it will provide an improved customer experience and staff efficiency to boost Kenya’s economy,” he added.


Source: Kenya News Agency (Kenya) – 19/02/2014
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