Searching for Leonardo at SAP TechEd Barcelona: Sure we all know Leonardo da Vinci. He was a great thinker but also a doer – put thinking into doing on a lot of different areas.

So what about SAP Leonardo? This year at SAP TechEd Barcelona I thought to give myself a challenge – Find out who or what SAP Leonardo is.

Day 0 – the travel

First I needed to travel from Eindhoven (Netherlands) via Amsterdam to Barcelona.

Day 1 – the challenge

Design Thinking with Julia Dorbic, Smart Building with Joe Binkley and Cosmo the smart %%% warehouse robot with Jan Penninkhof.

Day 2 – finding out more

A deep dive into Machine Learning with Urko Sanchez Sanz.

Day 3 – finding out even more and conclusion

Blockchain – hype or reality with Raimund Gross, talking to SAP via the CoPilot with Stefan Kirchfeld and once again Jan Penninkhof and me discussing mode 1 vs mode 2.

Mode 1 is your system of records. Mode 2 your system of innovation. Quite often people draw the conclusion that Mode 1 is boring, grey, old, … not innovative. I see it differently, there is also a lot of innovation in the Mode 1 world, look at SAP S/4HANA and BW/4HANA. Recent innovations in the transaction world.

I always use best and next practices as description. Mode 1 is about best practices and Mode 2 about next practices. SAP Leonardo helps you realizing these next practices in a best practice world.

Just like with Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa. No need to put a picture up here. You all know how she looks like. With the Mona Lisa, Leonardo gave us a painting that has triggered many people for many years. Lots of different perspectives, opinions, … is she smiling or not?

He made people think!

And on the other hand he inspired others to create their own Mona Lisa:

Searching for Leonardo at SAP TechEd Barcelona