1. Business Scenario

As a system performance improvement measure, the requirement is to send an email to the team with a list of ABAP Short Dumps that occur in the system during the day.

The email needs to be sent at 12:00 AM, and should contain a list of all the short dumps that have occurred in the system during the previous day.

2. Create a variant for the ABAP Runtime Error program RSSHOWRABAX

  1. Go to SE38 and enter the program name RSSHOWRABAX. Select the Variants Radio button and click display.

        In the next screen, enter the Variant Name and create.


     2. This takes you to the Parameters screen, where we need to add the parameters that we want our variant to contain.


     3. Click on Attributes. Enter the description.


     4. Since our requirement is to execute the variant for the previous day, we will select the following options for ‘Date’ in the ‘Objects for Selection Screen’ section

                  – Selection Variable = ‘X’ (X: Dynamic Date Calculation (System Date))


                    – Name of Variable: For the Variable name ‘Current date +/- ??? days’ the Indicator for I/E should be selected as ‘I’ and option as ‘EQ’



                 – Upon clicking ‘OK’, the next screen allows to enter the value for the Date Calculation Parameters.

                    Enter ‘-1’ here, since we need the previous day’s data.


                    – The final screen will be as follows


     5. Upon saving this, you will be re-directed to the Parameters screen, where the Date field will be auto populated with the previous day value


3. Define a Job to schedule the above report output as an email

     1. Go to System à Services à Jobs à Define Job


     2. Enter the Job Name and Job Class


     3. Go to Step. Here, enter the program name RSSHOWRABAX and the variant created above ZSHORT_DUMPS.

          In the user field, you can enter the User ID with which you want the email to be triggered.


          In our case, we needed it to be executed with ALEREMOTE. Click on Save.


     4. This step will send a mail to the SAP Business Workspace. In order to further forward this mail to the external email addresses, we will use the                         program RSCONN01 (SAPconnect: Start Send Process) and the variant SAP&CONNECTINT.


     5. Upon clicking Save, you can see both the steps in the overview.


     6. Next, enter the recipient details using the ‘Spool List Recipient’ Button. You can select from Internal User, Distribution lists and External addresses.


     7. Next, select your Start Condition to trigger this job. In our case, we have defined the same to trigger at the 1st second of the day daily.


5. Final Output

An email will be received daily at 12:00 AM, from ALEREMOTE. The Subject of the email will be as follows:

      Job , Step 1


The attachment will display the Runtime Errors information as shown below. This is the same information that we get in ST22.

      The below information is obtained in the mail triggered at 12:00 AM on 8/12/2015. Hence, it gives all the ABAP short dumps occurred on 8/11/2015.


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