Most of the times users want to search any transaction or table by description or short text. But the problem with description or short text search is that it is case sensitive search and the user doesn’t know which letters are in uppercase and which letters are in lower case. The reason for this is that in the domain of the short text or description there is a flag called lowercase which is checked. SAP search helps needs the key words in sequence seperated by wild characters(*). e.g. If we give Job Overview or Overview Job we should be able to get transaction SM37.

I created a program which is simple, fast and very useful search for Transactions, Database tables, Functions and Programs. I have used native SQL, which is very fast and directly communicates with the underlying database without Database interface. This program works on all databases supported by SAP. It works with 46C, 47 and later releases of SAP. The search is case insensitive, no sequence of key words required, no wild characters required. The only limitation of this program is that it supports maximum of 10 key words for search based on short text or description.

Below is the ABAP code for the search program:

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