SOA consumption on Android: Even though SAP offers a wide range of software and features there are always use-cases which cannot be covered by standard software. In these cases this blog should you give an idea how a mobile client can consume an SAP enterprise service. The coding shown here runs on an Android device, but it might be possible to adapt the code to run on other mobile platforms as well.   The complete code can be downloaded from SVN on code exchange  ( Please get it there to have a look into it while reading this blog.  h1. Prerequisites In this blog I assume that the reader is familiar with Android Development as well as SOA web services. The most important steps will be explained, but not every single line of code. h1. Overview  The final application looks like this: Soascreen1 68523 6705840 It has two input fields, one for the material number and one for quantity. Upon pressing the “Send Order!” button a web service is called to create the purchase order (PO). Once the order is created it shows an alert dialog with the PO: In addition to the main screen above there is a preferences screen:

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